1337 Guard Badges & Banners

Some more Banners & Badges for your Imperial Guardsmen. From the screenshots provided, and from a quick scout through the readme, these look...


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Some more Banners & Badges for your Imperial Guardsmen. From the screenshots provided, and from a quick scout through the readme, these look to be a Black & White package, of which come with pretty nice banners :)


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Download 'scope_1337_ig_badges_banners1_1.zip' (221KB)


--Package Contents--

Scopes 1337 Imperial guard badges & banner 1.1:

(includes teamcolours)

Badges Come in two flavours to match most colour schemes: 


Banners Come in two Variations: 

	- White and black Quartered*** 

	- Black and Primary team colour Quartered.(Using Alpha Channel).

Team Colours come in 3 variations:

	-1337 Urban Warfare Camo

	-1337 Arctic Warfare Camo

	-1337 Desert Warfare Camo.


The imperial guard generally have a very no-nonsense and simple approach to thier insignia.
So i decided to make these... Look cool while sticking to the minimalitic style of the IG :)

As in 1.0 the Pack contains 2 Imperial Guard Style badges with the regiment number "1337" for all of those Elitists out there.

This release (1.1) ive added a matching banner and 3 colour schemes, its my first Banner for DoW, so it isnt the best it could be, 
and i plan on working on it at a later date..

However i believe it to be of a good enough standard to release for now. 

Ive included 2 Banners , One is White and Black Checkquered and a second that utilises an Alpha Channel*** 

I drew the whole thing from scratch using Photoshop CS, with the exception of the skull, which I Googled
and proceeded to modify. unfortunately the banner looks quite low quality in game, but im working on a fix. 



***Why include a a white and black banner if one already has a alpha channel?

I was having problems getting the alpha channel to display what i wanted, and I Noticed that if your 
primary army colour is White, then the shadows in the alpha channel are masked, and It looked pretty poor. 
So i decided to include the default image without the alpha channel. Its only upped the filesize a few KB 
so one can hardly complain.



	-Added matching 1337 Banners to Pack, 1 utilising alpha, and one Standard.
	-Added 3 Teamcolours, Urban, Arctic and desert.


	-Added 2 Imperial Guard Banners with regiment number "1337"

Contact: Self_rightious_suicide (at) hotmail dot com.


Extract badges folder to your Dawn of War folder (Default: "..THQ\Dawn Of War"), Overwrite if prompted.

Schemes folder is extracted to C:\...\THQ\Dawn of War\Profiles\Profile1\wxp\

(please note to install to other mods or future expansions replace the ..\wxp\ with the corresponding folder)

(e.g C:\...\THQ\Dawn of War\Profiles\Profile1\Mod_name\)


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