A Long December



This map is designed for a 1v1 take-and-hold scenario. It features a large exposed area surrounded by trenches, ensuring a massive body count at the end of the battle. The hills on either side may also prove to be ideal locations for artillery.



A Long December

This is a 2-player map for Dawn of War/Winter Assault, it is designed for 1v1 with the Take and Hold victory condition.
This is my first map - a vicious trench battle in a wintery landscape. I love using cover and always play with Take and Hold.
I would love your feedback - visit www.underculture.co.za or email me directly at [email protected].

The whole idea behind this map is that the middle of the map is negative terrain with the exception of the trenches which are hard cover.
Against another human player, the map guarantees a massive body count.
The flash point is designed to happen in the trenches. I have also placed high hills on both sides. This has proved to be a beautiful place to shell from.

To install using Winzip (http://www.winzip.com):
Extract files to your Dawn of War map folder folder (\THQ\Dawn Of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP).

This map was made by Katastrophikus.
A special thanks go to Olivier, Mike and Steve for play testing this for me.

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