Castle Ruosteinen

This map is thought for a single player with two AI allies. You will defend a castle against 5 AI attackers. The two sides are connected by...


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This map is thought for a single player with two AI allies. You will defend a castle against 5 AI attackers. The two sides are connected by a small bridge. And two tunnels that can be used by the player 1 only!!!!

Don't let the innocent look of that bridge fool you. Most of the fight will take place there. Albeit, if you use the tunnels correctly, you will fight in the enemies bases rather than in your own.

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Readme for Dawn of War: Winter Assault map "Castle Ruosteinen"

Simply unzip all the map-files into a folder with the path:
e.g. "C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/WXP/Scenarios/MP"
If you don't have those folders, create them in the Windows Explorer. 
Your installation location for DoW might be different. Change the folder paths accordingly.

You will not need the "readme" and "screenshots" folders in this zip to run the map.

Castle Ruosteinen



You'll have enough resources and if you play as Orks you will even have four Titan cannons. (IG will have two, other races none) Use them. You can assign a hotkey to each cannon, simply select it and press e.g. Ctrl + 1, from now on you will be able to select the cannon by pressing the 1 key, if you press the 1 key a second time your view will center on the cannon.
Do this for all 4 cannons, so you can quickly fire one during the reload phase of the others.

To attack with the cannons you need to press the A key. Or you can use the attack icon which is visible when you select them. After pressing the button select a target in range (shown by the red circles) and left-click on it. And smile  :D


-This map will produce HARD and LONG fights if you don't use the tunnels. And i mean that. You'll see carnage and destruction. A lot of it. Really a lot of it. If you are using the "persistant bodies" option you will see no ground on the bridge after a while  :D
-The cannons can destroy your own gates! Do not shoot at enemies that are too close to them. But you can "sniper" the enemies (that are a bit away from them) easily. Usually you will wait until the enemies are at the innermost gates before you use the cannons. But feel free to develop your own style   :)


All gamemodes are supported, and i strongly suggest you to use Take+Hold and the Control Area win condition. This will shorten the battle a tiny bit. But even than the game will take most likely more than 30-40 game-minutes. If you are like me and use the Annihilation win condition only and that on the difficulty HARD, well, prepare to sit more than 1 hour in front of your screen  :D


Player 1 Human 	Team1
Player 2 AI	Team1
Player 3 AI	Team1

Player 4to8 AI 	Team2

Make sure you use FIXED POSITIONS and do set the teams accordingly. Of course you can use human players for all positions, too. I never tried that, though.

Other things:
Try the Skirmish AI mod for a better and unbugged AI experience. The standard AI is a bit dumb.

You'll need WA installed to play that map. It will not work in DoW.

Again: For player 1: Orks will get 4 Titan cannons and IG will get 2, all other races will get NOTHING, this was made to balance the map out for the "not-so-good-defender" races that the Orks and the IG are.

Thanks to Thetaorion, Moe, NFIH and all others. I especially want to thank Ruosteinen who made this awesome map possible. Without him this whole project would have been nothing. And some special thanks to ThetaOrion and his incredible patience  ;)

Aralez and Ruosteinen (2006)

Have fun.

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