Chainsaw Map Pack




This map pack is designed to update and expand on the previous Chainsaw Map Pack.




This map pack is designed to update and expand on the previous Chainsaw Map Pack.
This map pack contains 5 maps:

-Chainsaw Jungle (4)

This is a 4 player map (one in each corner) designed for any type of play.  There is a lot of uneven ground, and most of the cliffs are accessible with jump troops.  Most of the vegetation is light cover, the cliffs are heavy cover, and the open areas are negative cover.  The sides and center will be the focus of most of the fighting.  NOTE: Only works with Winter Assault.

-Arctic Chainsaw (6)

This is a 6 player map designed for 3 vs 3 games.  Each side has a wall of cliffs accessible only through a narrow canyon, yet the walls are accessible by ramps and provide heavy cover.  This is a great map for siege warfare.  Note: Only works with Winter Assault.

-Angry Chainsaw (6)

Designed to resemble "the face" on Mars, this map is designed for 3 v 3 games of any type.  Not much blocking terrain, only the 3 large canyons. Unable to rely on cover, you will have to rely on the map's large size to outmaneuver your opponents.

-Rugged Terrain (6)

This is another 3 v 3 map which simulates a fairly dense jungle.  There is one relic in the center of the map, representing a crashed Space Marine Thunderhawk carrying a powerful object (see screenshots). Lots of cover (of all kinds), so be careful where you stand.  Designed for large-scale battles with any win conditions.

-Cityfight Mayhem (4)

This map is designed to simulate a bombed out Imperial supply depot.  Intended for 2 v 2 or Free For All games, any win conditions can be used.  Each base is partially enclosed and surrounded by various types of cover.  It is a smaller map, so fighting will get pretty intense pretty fast.


Like with any map, extract the four files (per map- 8 total) in this zip file into the following directory:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP


Feel free to distribute this map, just give credit where credit is due and so on.  All of the elements I used in this map were from the map editor and the game's directories, so there's no original work of mine to protect, just the overall map itself.

Contact Me:

My website is www.Chainsaw Mayhem.com (no space) and you can email me at:

chainsaw at chainsawmayhem dot com (you know, replace "at" with @ and replace "dot" with .)

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