Chem Dogs

This is a little mod that I made because I like Space Marines almost as much as the Imperial Guard.


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This is a little mod that I made because I like Space Marines almost as much as the Imperial Guard.

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Chem Dog Mod Version 2.0 Dawn of War Winter Assault
By: erholmes
At: erholmes at cableone dot net

Legal:This mod is based on THQ and Game workshops works of Dawn of War Winter Assault
and Warhammer 40k.  You may use this mod any anyway you see fit as long as I get credit
when due.  You can not place this mod on a site that requires payment

Install:  If you have chemdogs version 1.0 delete chemdog folder and module file.  Place chemdog folder and chemdog.module in dawn of war directory

Game Notes: NO NEW MODELS SORRY, I am a coder only, and I can not use other work from other mods.
            Do not play sm in this mod I modified some research for IG use.
            This game is not balanced Chem Dogs are far weaker than normal IG
History:(may not be exactly to game content): In a remote section of the galaxy the imperial world of
Suban IV fell prey to a Ork Waagh launched from a space hulk that entered the system.  A distress signal was sent
out immediately.  Due to the remote location, limited reinforcements are available.  The Drop Pod Carrier Firestorm
and its 7th Chem Dog Regiment answered the call, as did the Blood Raven Cruiser Warbird.  The Blood Ravens were returning
from repulsing a Eldar attack on Yeman III.  The limited number of Space Marines would add whatever aid they could but they
knew it would be up to the lowly Penal Regiment to save the planet.  Taskforce Scimitar must resist the Ork invasion.

Game Mods for version 2.0
This is a little mod that I made because I like Space Marines almost as much as the Imperial Guard

Removed Guardsman (Tunnel Rats)

Added Blood Raven Elements

Added Chaplain (Force Commander and Librarian killed)
Can Attach

Added Apothecary  Tier 1 Limit 4

Added Scouts Tier 1 Limit 2
added assassinate (all sniper rifles have scopes)
added sabotage (Demo charges from 7th Chem Dog stores)

Added Tactical Marines Tier 3 Limit 2
limited to 2 upgrades

Added Land Speeder Tier 1 Limit 2

Added Dreadnought Tier 3 Limit 2
cost increased to 3
can not be deep striked due to modifications to drop pods for sentinels

Basilisk cannon range increased 5x.(The way artillery really works)

Game Mods for version 1.0
Caps Increased
Squad to 40
support to 30

Kasrkin renamed Savlar Chem Dogs (Chem Dogs wear bulky resperators, the full helmet of the Kasrkin is close enough)
moved them to tier 1
Lowered cap cost too 2
Removed Grenade Launcher as upgrade (The close quarters of tunnels and underground levels would make them dangerous
to the user and the rest of the squad.
Lowered damage to hellgun and plasma gun
Exchanged Sergeant for Commissar (They are Criminals after all)
Added Nitro-Chem Inhaler ability (Rally)

Guardsman renamed Savlar Tunnel Rats(not to game specs)
Lowered cap cost too 1
Removed all weapon upgrades
Added Nitro-Chem Inhalers(Rally)
Added Inflitrate
Added Sabotage/Demo Charge
Sergeant replaced by Commissar(They are criminals after all)
Can not capture or have other leaders attached

Created Reaper Gladiator Trainer(not to game specs) Savlar version of Armageddon Ork Hunters armed with Swords
squad Cost 2
Can add 8 Gladiators (Guardsmen Sergeants)
Added Nitro-Chem Inhalers (Rally)
Added Nitro-Combat Spray (Furious Rage) Increases damage done by close combat weapons for a short time
Lowered damage and range of laspistols
Can only Capture with Trainer in squad
Add a priest to make them real nasty

Command Squad renamed Captain Xavier Eclipse
added Kasrkin Sergeants as Merchant House Bodyguards sent by Lord Eclipse to protect his son
squad size up by 4 with research complete

removed Commissar cap(unlimited)

Infantry Command
squad cap increased to 10
Increased garrison to 6 only the first 3 fire
Hit points increased
Added Deep strike ability (troops and Sentinels may be deep striked) Note: if garrisoned the only way to get them out
is to deep strike them.  Also first units garrisoned with be deep striked. Works best if a Infantry Command is built
at back of base for use of deep striking

Removed both morale boosts (Criminals are not moved by speechs)
Removed Sat. Weapon increase (Penal units would not have access to this type of technology)
Weapon Specialization renamed Weapon Tinkering (Criminals modify thier weapons for personal use)
Kasrkin Armor renamed Improvised Armor (Chem Dogs add additional armor for better protection)
Removed Kasrkin Bionics(Criminals would not get Bionics)
Added Commissar Powerfist Upgrade (Includes model but does not increase damage also UI turns pink)
Added Plasma Pistol Upgrade(Reaper Gladiators and Merchant House Bodyguards get Plasma Pistols with models)
Added Reaper Powersword Upgrade(Reapers and Bodyguards get Powerswords, with models)
Added Command squad upgrade level 1 and 2 (same as space marine research)

Mechanized Command
Support Cap raised from 6 to 10

hit points lowered to 1000
starts with autocannon
can upgrade Heavy Flamer and Multi-Laser (Pink in UI Sorry, also both deadly to infantry)
Support Cap 1

added smoke launchers

added smoke launchers

Leman Russ
added smoke launchers

removed relic requirement
increased accuracy of heavy bolters

Captain Xavier Eclipse
Hit points increased
Scrafing run damage increased

Command Squad Priest
Armed with eviscerator instead of chainsword

Lightning arc damage increased
recharge rate decreased
Soul strip damage increased
recharge rate decreased

Listening Posts and add ons
hit points increased
armor increased
weapon range increased

Cost decreased
sight increased
heavy bolter range increased
missile reload time decreased

Cost decreased
will explode 30 times
cost lowered
hit points increased
built time decreased

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