Daemon World

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This map pits you against 5 enemies. It is ideal for single-player skirmishes and should provide an extra challenge.



IDPVII a small insignificant world not even worthy of the title planet let alone a real name . Its function a resupply point for imperial vessels heading towards the frontline.
But its fortunes were about to change. Underneath its banal exterior lurked abomination. A cabal of sorcerers had for months been preparing a ritual .
A ritual that ultimately destroyed them drew forth a daemon from the warp.
It’s form became shackled to the heart of the world. And like an infection it spread.
The daemons initial rage and growing hysteria began to affect the population.
An explosion of murder, suicide and insanity swept through them.
A chaos fleet arrived days later in response to the cries from this daemon world.
Rounding up the remaining population was a simple affair, only a single skirmish
was fought by an overwhelmed defence force. Since that time little information 
has come our way. We know natural resources have been drained and the population
have been used in foul rites to feed this abomination. The time has come to eradicate 
this foulness.

Map Notes
Size 512/512
Build time three months.
Install to dow/wxp/data/scenarios/mp
This is a single player map designed for annihilate skirmishes.
Three imperial players versus five chaos players.
Important that you use fixed positions.
Always thought skirmish matches to be too easy.
So ive given your enemies every advantage I could.
Fortresses, gun emplacements, terrain and choice troops.
All chaos forces start with a blood thirster at least, so if you want this map
to work all enemies must be chaos.
Play tested extensively you won’t have to fight more than one blood thrister
at a time until later on in the match. However this is a difficult battle to win.
Enjoy destroying your enemies.
TonyPaget at hotmail dot co dot uk if you want to get in touch.

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