Dawn of Steel Winter Assault



Praise the Emperor, it's finally here! Dawn of Steel mod version 1.5 for Winter Assault is now available for download. Grab it while it's hot!



Release notes:
Dawn of Steel - Steel Legion Mod v1.5

This is the final Version of the mod featuring the imperial guard regiment of Armageddon called 'The steel legion'.


- The mod features 27 new units in a new race, with 11 new buildings. Each unit is individual in gameplay and extend the way to play known from the original game in a new unique way. 
- All units are paint able.
- Many upgrades for units.
- Four individual Heroes.
- Rough Rider.
- Most units have a random displayed look. 
- New abilities like Molotov cocktail and Tank defence Frag attack.
- New scale for tank units, to be more equal to tabletop.
- Deep Strike Air transport for tanks.
- Extended AI that let's you play against steel legion.

New Features:

- Buildanimations of Structures
- 2 New units.
- Deep Strike of Stormtrooper
- New FX, new fixes, Sounds, etc.


- Original Dawn of War Winter Assault game made by Relic and distributed by THQ.
- Patch 1.41

     Nightshift Mod

The Nightshift Mod is fully supported. Units and squads will have searchlights on nightmaps.


Our mod has a costum AI done by Thudmeizer and his team. This means the ingame AI that controls the enemy computer player gets replaced.
If you dislike this, you can remove the AI by simple deleting the AI folder in the DownOfWar/steel_legion/data root folder.
Anyhow, with getting rid of the AI your computer enemy won't be able to play any of the new units or the steel legion race.
The main different between the standard and the costum AI, is that the later is much more challenging.

    Units of other Races

The four previous contained units of other races had been removed. Anyhow, the will be part of other future mods.

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