Dawn of Suck

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A mod, titled "Dawn of Suck". Author's first mod, says it targets the space marines and Imperial Guard. Give a shot!




Welcome, this is my first mod ever!

This mod was made out of boredom, but then I made something cool! Bassically I was tired of the same things over and over...a few IG massaceres there, a few deepstrikes here, so then I decided I'll learn how to mod.


Terribly unbalanced but if I get enough motivation, Ill try to balance in the future.


To install:
Just put the "Dawn_of_Suck" folder, and the "Dawn_of_Suck.module" inside the Dawn of War directory.


C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War


What is inside:

Imperial Guard:


-Virtually firing "nuke" shots rapidly (Not like a machine gun)

-The explosions out of the battlecannon are much MUCH bigger for my realistic views.

-The cap is 2 (Meaning everything will be obsolete when these things get on the battlefield)

-Battlecannon damage from 500 to 800,  and has better armor piercing value.


-Now have a squad of 13 (Just like DC? :o)
-Guardsmen sergeant is a kasykryn soldier

Space Marines:

-Now have a squad of 9 or 10 (Still working on the bug)
-Seargent is a terminator

		     -Mini Titans-  (Barracks)  **Not Complete**
-Probably the counter baneblade
-Dramatic melee devastation
-Can be outmatched against ALOT of troops
-Single enemy squads dont stand a chance


There were a few other small changes, but I forget what they were...

So anyway, of course this is the beta stage of Dawn of Suck, but as soon I can model.....oh the possibilities

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