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The highly popular AI enhancement is once again available, courtesy of the Dawn of Skirmish AI team and Thudmeizer! For Winter Assault on...


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The highly popular AI enhancement is once again available, courtesy of the Dawn of Skirmish AI team and Thudmeizer! For Winter Assault only, this mod will add some serious punch to AI enemies and allies. For more info, check the readme below. Now download this sucker and enjoy! This version improves the AI, and has fixed some performance problems reported in v1.8.

Now go download it, and go get owned before DC arrives!!


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Download 'dawn_of_skirmish_v1.9_ai_mod_install.exe' (21KB)

This is meant for Dawn of War WINTER ASSAULT 1.50 ONLY! No other versions will work as it will error out if you try to run on anything other than the expansion + v1.50 patch!

Meet the Cast:
Thudo (Thudmeizer)..>> Team Lead/Coder/Gfx/Bonafied Cheerleader
ArkhanTheBlack......>> Lead Coder/Scripter
LarkinVB............>> Lead Coder/Scripter/Beta Tester
Corsix..............>> Coder
Slash...............>> Beta Tester
FinalDeath..........>> Beta Tester
Zenoth..............>> Beta Tester
QuietDeath..........>> Beta Tester
JBird...............>> Beta Tester

Prepare for a more enhanced Dawn Of War/Winter Assault Skirmish Experience!

This project started after the release of Dawn Of War with the intent to bring to the global DoW community a more intense and satisfying AI opponent on the field of war. We hope you will agree that has been achieved with the understanding more is to be done in the future. Our work continues to evolve and in the coming months will make current efforts pale in comparison. However, you have to start somewhere and hot damn what a jumpstart!

Its been a slice from start to, well, continuing! We're so looking forward to enhancing the AI even further in the coming months!

A Personal Thanks
At this time I would like to personally thank all the participating members of the team:

ArkhanTheBlack, LarkinVB, Excedrin, and Corsix, as well as our beta testers, ThetaOrion, FinalDeath, and Zenoth (all who keep our work "in-perspective" and "on-track" with our ultimate goals of achieving the most competitive DoW AI opponent we can create!).

Its through your dedication, patience, and technical expertise that allowed the work to commence and prosper. Without you fellers, there'd be a pittence of work compared to the greatness this project has become. We've come a long way and do sincerely hope to continue our expert correspondance into the future of the product.

This is to acknowledge that we take no personal responsibility for any hardware damage or data corruption brought forth by the use or installation of this DoW modification. As used, this modification works "as is" and has been thoroughly tested and should not cause any major problems. In the event, however, that something serious does occur, it is up to the user(s) of their computer(s) to make appropriate backups before any attempt is made to install the following DoW modification. Use at your own risk.

Whats In The Package?
o Main Installation Package containing the Enhanced DoW AI scripts (contains ONLY those .ai files that our team altered)
o Dawn Of Skirmish WA v1.9 README.txt (what your reading)
o *NEW* Doc folder containing information how to add your own faction to the AI project.

Piece of Cake! Run the executable and it will extract to where your <installed Dawn Of War folder> is.

Once installed, run the newly placed shortcut on your desktop "Dawn Of Skirmish WA v1.9" or from StartMenu/Programs/"Dawn Of War Skirmish AI Mod". You will know if the modification is running when on the top-left section of the Dawn Of War Main Menu it will display: Dawn Of Skirmish v1.9.

To uninstall this modification, go back to StartMenu/Programs/"Dawn Of War WA Skirmish AI Mod" and choose "Remove Dawn Of Skirmish AI Mod" to remove the modification from Dawn Of War.

Whats New?

v1.9 Changes:
o Better adjustment to patch v1.5 balance changes (More troops, slower teching)
o Fixed some performance problems with v1.8
o Improved attack, defend and harassing behaviour
o Fixed some attachment issues

Thanks to everyone on the team for you incredibly hard work getting this compatible with all the major balance changes in WinterAssault and thanks to you, the community, for your patience!

Now DAMN IT go get owned before DC arrives!!

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