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Name:Dirac's Power Author:phen Game/mod required:Dawn of War Type:Multiplayer...


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Name:Dirac's Power Author:phen Game/mod required:Dawn of War Type:Multiplayer Size:129 * 129 Players:2 Strategic Points:6 Critical Points:0 Relics:2 Slag Deposits:1 Terrain Types Present: negative cover Suggested Gameplay: FFA/teamplay Build Time:About 20 hours over a month. Release Date:2006/August/12 Download:2p_diracs_power.zip Instructions:Unzip this file into "Dawn of War/W40k/Data/Scenarios/MP/" where "Dawn of War" is the directory the game was installed in and creating any directories you don't have. Distribution:Please only distribute this map for free and in exactly this archive unless you have my permission to do otherwise. Contact:phen_dow [email protected] yahoo.com.au http://member.telpacific.com.au/dcrabb/dowmaps/

A village green of destruction. It's my first map, go easy on me!

Scenario: As beautiful as the 3rd moon of Dirac is, the Administratum does not fight to keep it for aesthetics. It is the unusual and rare plasma geysers that occur naturally in its polar regions. This example, already capped, sits at the base of a huge mesa deep in the jungle.

Fluff: The planet of Dirac contains powerful plasma geysers on its surface that the more avaricious races are eager to tap in to. Unfortunately its position in the galaxy means no one race has been able to win possession of the planet outright. It hasn't stopped them fighting over it for the last three centuries though. Here in the polar jungles is one example of such a plasma geyser that has already been capped, it only waits for a smart military commander to stake a claim.

Purple: Steam drifted slowly under the jungle canopy, burnt from the plants by the pale sunlight, it hung like ghostly washing among the branches and vines. Brother Finder paused again to watch it. Something about this place was woefully familiar. He survived a childhood in a harsh jungle deathworld much more deadly than this one. Growing up an orphan, learning to kill before he could count and never knowing a night of peace his heart still ached to return. His feelings for home were awakened whenever he walked in a hot, damp jungle like this.

He dropped his head and stomped onwards. His training and his machine enhanced body gave him even stronger feelings and desires. To serve The Emperor, to serve Mankind. Unquestionably a desire he could fulfill.

His armour thought the jungle ended soon ahead but couldn't be sure. Brother Finder was quite sure it did, the change in folliage and the behaviour of the creatures was unmistakable to him. He reached for his pistol, crouched low and stalked silently forward.

The trees abruptly ceased leaving only mist ahead. An expanse of open ground lay ahead, with a sheer cliff face less than 200 metres away. Brother Finder stopped and scanned the area intently. A scorched area dead ahead with an old piece of Imperium technology sitting dormant in the centre. The sound of running water came from both sides and the whistling of the wind from far above.

Nothing moved for many minutes and cautiously the brother marine crept forward aiming to reach the geyser cap ahead that he had been sent out to find. Crawling forward he reached a marshy area and started squelching across the ground in a rather undignified manner. Then he saw it, a flash of movement in the cliff face. He rang every silent alarm he had and sent the image that he had seen back to his seargent. The Eldar were here, no doubt at all and now every second would count.

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