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Hi all,

We are proud to present to you the 4th incarnation of the Community Mappacks - a selection of absolute top maps from the community, for the community. For the 3 former Community Mappacks visit www.warhammermaps.com





This is the 4th incarnation of the Community Mappack, a selection of top maps from the community, for the community. Please visit www.warhammermaps.com for the previous Community Mappacks.

Community Mappack IV includes:

Castle Ruosteinen by Aralez 

Minos Bridge by Deviant Ghost 

Deus Ex Mechanicus by Deviant Ghost 
Temple of Blood special edition by Fire81 
White Silence by Wargrim 

Artefact by Rayden 
Delphinus XII Coelacanth Fortress by Acturas 
Imperial Manufactorum by TheBear 
st Huldrych Causeway by Vol_907 
Warwind by poo

Monastery by Fire81 
Pummelled Estate by EtherDragn 

Installer done by Argonaut
Installer graphics done by Fire81

We like to thank all mappers, all the people that did nominate maps or took part in the discussion.

Special thanks to Wargrim for being the driving force behind getting this thing put together!

Hope you enjoy it!

Regards, Argo

Run the installer, it will check if you got Winter Assault or only basic DoW and install the appropriate maps only.


Castle Ruosteinen



You'll have enough resources and if you play as Orks you will even have four Titan cannons. (IG will have two, other races none) Use them. You can assign a hotkey to each cannon, simply select it and press e.g. Ctrl + 1, from now on you will be able to select the cannon by pressing the 1 key, if you press the 1 key a second time your view will center on the cannon.
Do this for all 4 cannons, so you can quickly fire one during the reload phase of the others.

To attack with the cannons you need to press the A key. Or you can use the attack icon which is visible when you select them. After pressing the button select a target in range (shown by the red circles) and left-click on it. And smile :D


-This map will produce HARD and LONG fights if you don't use the tunnels. And i mean that. You'll see carnage and destruction. A lot of it. Really a lot of it. If you are using the "persistant bodies" option you will see no ground on the bridge after a while :D
-The cannons can destroy your own gates! Do not shoot at enemies that are too close to them. But you can "sniper" the enemies (that are a bit away from them) easily. Usually you will wait until the enemies are at the innermost gates before you use the cannons. But feel free to develop your own style :)


All gamemodes are supported, and i strongly suggest you to use Take+Hold and the Control Area win condition. This will shorten the battle a tiny bit. But even than the game will take most likely more than 30-40 game-minutes. If you are like me and use the Annihilation win condition only and that on the difficulty HARD, well, prepare to sit more than 1 hour in front of your screen :D


Player 1 Human Team1
Player 2 AI Team1
Player 3 AI Team1

Player 4to8 AI Team2

Make sure you use FIXED POSITIONS and do set the teams accordingly. Of course you can use human players for all positions, too. I never tried that, though.

Other things:
Try the Skirmish AI mod for a better and unbugged AI experience. The standard AI is a bit dumb.

You'll need WA installed to play that map. It will not work in DoW.

Again: For player 1: Orks will get 4 Titan cannons and IG will get 2, all other races will get NOTHING, this was made to balance the map out for the "not-so-good-defender" races that the Orks and the IG are.

Thanks to Thetaorion, Moe, NFIH and all others. I especially want to thank Ruosteinen who made this awesome map possible. Without him this whole project would have been nothing. And some special thanks to ThetaOrion and his incredible patience ;)

Aralez and Ruosteinen (2006)

Have fun. 


Minos Bridge by Deviant Ghost

2 player Multiplayer/Skirmish map
Plays best with Take and Hold, Annihilate, and Control Area.
Any others will also play well.



Unzip all files to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\



Map development brought to you by Deviant Ghost

For questions/comments, please feel free to email me at
[email protected]
or visit my thread on the map here:


Thanks to all the guys at the RelicForums mapper room for their
help, and to the Monorail for his sand dune textures. Support
his awsomeness by visiting his website, www.cokane.com
Other decals such as the non default grass decals are credited to
the Space Hulk team, as that is where i obtained them 

DEUS EX MACHINUS by Deviant Ghost

This is the fixed version of the previously released map Deus Ex Mechanicus
Please be sure that you unzip and overwrite all the files to:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War

This will prevent any missing decal issues.

Also you will find the actual short story, originally written by Andy Chambers, in your MP map folder.


White Silence

Map made by Wargrim
aka. |FPS|MovingTarget

Special thanks go to Ruosteinen, for doing the SCAR script that makes the ramps unbuildable terrain, and to asuasu_uk_mur aka. Drah`Cir for allowing me to use his computer for a long time.

---- Installation ----

- Extract the .scar, .sgb and .tga files into your \DawnOfWar\WXP\Data\scenarios\mp folder except the XXX.(..).tga.
- Extract it into the \DawnOfWar\WXP\Data\scenarios\mp\loading folder and remove the XXX from the name.
- Play.

---- Description ----
White Silence is a 2 vs 2 DoW:WA multiplayer map designed for anihilate and/or take and hold. It is not fit for free for all matches, because the bases of each team are positioned quite close to each other. The map setting is a ruined city in the winter, which i may add is higly detailed!
( quote taken from Fire81: "I'm giving it my 'Best Snow Map Ever' award." )

For further information and additional screenshots have a look at this thread: http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=82792

---- Terms of Use ----

White Silence is (c) 2006 by Wargrim

The SCAR script included is made by Ruosteinen, if you want to use it ask him. ( get in contact over http://forums.relicnews.com )

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without my explicit permission.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission!
Additionally, you are NOT allowed to upload this level on a side where registration is required for being able to download it.

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive
Map Name: Delphinus XII - Coelacanth Fortress (2vs2, 3vs3)
Map Type: Large mulitplayer map for siege/longer tactical battles (created by Acturas)

About the Map:
Its a 4-6 player team map (512x512 - Winter Assault required), designed around 2 fortresses (each team starts in one) and a huge swamp/jungle in between (with dozens of choke points throughout). The initial stages of play on the map can be a bit cat'n'mouse as players skirmish, but then turn into an out an out siege as you assault you enemies base. I have intentionally not given a huge amount of space to each player in the fortresses so that it will force them to spread out buildings across the map (and all of the choke points can fit both the Baneblade and Squiggie too). Once you get used to it, it can lead to some pretty intense games as you hold off a potentially larger force at a choke point whilst counter attacking them from the other side of the map (planning an co-ordinating an attack with your allies plays dividends here!! as does artillery). If you want to experience the map properly and have time, try playing with low resources.......you'll see what i mean.

To keep things simple all swamp areas have a negative cover rating (which will reward players that can micro around them during a fight). Each of fortresses has a high number of heavy cover areas to aid in their defence, as do the outlying defences.

Any comments should be posted here on DOWFiles or on the Relic Mapping forums.


If you wish do distribute this map you are free to do so as long as this readme is included!! 

Creator: TheBear
Name: Imperial Manufactorum
Players: 6
Size: 512*512
Gamemodes: All
Teams: 3v3

The basic concept for this map was open urban combat in an Ork overrun Imperial tank factory. I wanted to make the map fairly detailed including 6 bases with established perimeters. Two main streets run down the center of the map with other roads breaking off into each of the bases. During the course of laying out the buildings I tried to provide maximum view for the player so that they were never hindered by a building blocking combat. 

Each base has 2-4 paths into the city along with 3 strategic points, a relic, and a slag deposit. The first block into the city provides another 2 strategic points for each base with a critical point in each of the three center blocks.


"It is an self-installer, so path should be found correctly in most cases. If you encounter any problems there is a workaround. Install the map to a easy directory like D:\xxx, then copy the w40k folder from there over your w40k over your Dawn of War w40k folder." - Rayden


Built by the Imperial Guard, this tank factory outpost produces far less tanks than it is capable of. Its purpose was to secretly act as a technology center for uprading the Baneblade, which has since been finished. The planet has been overrun by Orks yet the Imperium continues in their attempts to retake the city. The sheer resources that the Imperium is devoting to this small outpost has attracted the attentinon of many armies. While units fight street by street battles, the Imperial Guard search for a lost technology amongst the ruins of the city.


I messed around with the editor back when the game was orignally released but never actually released a map of my own. The Beta phase of this map provided very helpful suggestions and gave me a better idea of how to improve the map. Thanks to those of you that provided feedback. Special thanks to Rayden whose minimap and install tutorials came in handy. Most of all thanks to you for downloading the map. 

A Multiplayer/Skirmish Map for WH40K: Winter Assault

by vol_907 (1. July 2006)

This updated version of my map corrects a few glitches from the old version, namely, adding a few custom decals that everyone might not have, and polishing the minimap.


The dry wastes of Meribah caused some in the 907th to look longingly back at their last tour, on a world where water was in no short supply, and didn't need to be sucked out of rock.

Many of the vets well remember the battle fought on the St. Huldrych Causeway on Marinus, a long bridge joining two of the water world's smaller "land masses." A full Ork Waaaugh, stiffened by Traitor allies, managed to establish a beachhead on the northern Isle. The bridge gates held fast, thanks to the quick thinking of the local Civil Defense Authority. But it would only be a matter of time before they broke through.

The gates on the southern island were opened briefly to release two contingents of Guardsmen--the 907th Alyeskan, and their sister regiment, the 615th Knox, with a newly formed Space Marine chapter bringing up the rear. Then the gates were closed, turning the entire causeway into a gladiatorial arena, the winner determining the fate of the region...

Strange how the soggy uniforms from the ever-present rains would have been quite welcome now.


This map is for six players. Originally envisioned for 2 teams of 3, it is suitable for all game types, including Free For All.

Simply unzip the contents into your THQ folder (That's right, your THQ folder, not DoW). .sgbs, .dds's and .tgas should fall into their respective places.

Took about 35 hours, using the Mission Editor and lots of use of GIMP 2.2 for the height map, load screen, and custom decals.

Speaking of which, the University of Tennessee logo and that of the Deutscher Fussballbund are the property of their respective owners. The author has no official connections with UT (other than being an alumnus) nor the DFB (other than being a big fan of the German Team during World Cup season).

Feel free to build upon this map, or use elements from it for your own. I only ask you give credit where it is due.

Thanks to the regulars at DOWFiles and Relicforums for feedback on this map, especially Hands_of_Fate (who corrected the minimap). Thanks to Rayden for his work on Gates of Ultramar, whose decals this map uses for its roadwork.

Further questions and comments can be directed to [email protected] 

{{{ Monastery }}}

Works with WA 1.41

Install: Use the installer. That's the little icon thing, click it!

Here is the thread accompanying this map, should you wish to comment on it, or if you find a bug:

As this map contains mostly custom textures you should not have problems with pink question marks. If you do, a safe bet in solving the issue is to download the excellent Community Map Packs (why wouldn't you have them anyway?). These can be found here:
If the problem persists then you did something wrong and i don't care. Why would i after i've gone to the trouble of making and testing a fancy installer so you don't get yourself into these situations?

---{{{ Monastery (8) }}}---
A Black Templar monastery sits high on the cliffs standing guard over two huge underground production facilities. In it's day this world served to outfit the Imperium's armies with blessed weaponry and armour. However, avarice took hold of the ruling warlords. They rose up to claim this factory and it's profits as their own. Using operatives within the facilities they took control and, surrounded under a withering hail of fire, the Black Templars were forced to withdraw. It wasn't long before the warlords turned their weapons upon each other and this world fell from grace into ruin. Now is the time to recover what was lost.

Eight player map designed for 4 vs 4. Works best on take and hold without a doubt.

---{{{ [Night] Monastery (8) }}}---
Night shift compatible version of the map for use with Palii's superlative Nightshift mod.

Nightshift can be downloaded here:

Argonaut, Aralaz, skills, DarkElfLord, Hands_of_Fate, Grabnutz, the_splurge, Hanger8 and anyone else who provided valuable advice, feedback and play testing. Everything you guys said was considered.

This map may not be copied, modified or distributed in any way without first gaining my permission. I own it, it is mine, you cannot have it!

iamtheone dot 8k 'at' ntlworld 'dot' com

If you would like to contact me make sure the title reads. DAWN OF WAR: <insert topic> (I get a lot of spam, if you don't label it this way the chances are it'll get lost underneath the myriad of spamalot i receive) 

Map Name: Pummeled Estate
Version 1
Size: 512x512
Players: 8 
Terrain: Urban Wasteland
Author: Etherdragn

Strategic Point Flags: 28
Slag Deposits: 12
Strategic Objectives: 5
Relics: 8

Map Discription:
This is no place for life. This region has been under heavy bombardment for several days. 

Pummeled Estate is a sprawling destroyed urban landscape. The central hill is a good vista to the destruction below. 




Installation Notes

unzip the files and paste them in your Dawn of War directory C:Program FilesTHQDawn of WarWXPDataScenariosMP. 
If the directory structure doesn't exist, create it.
This map should also work with WH40K.


Version Notes:
Fixed messed up entities.


for any feedback or questions: 

post a comment
or pm or e-mail me at:

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