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drawbridge_recreated.zip —


This a pretty good remake of the map Castle Ruosteinen; This is a singlr player map where you have two Ai allies, you need to defend the castle against 5 Ai attackers, a small bridge and two tunnels are the only things that connect the two sides. Don't let the innocent look of that bridge fool you. Most of the fight will take place there. Albeit, if you use the tunnels correctly, you will do your fighting in the enemies bases rather than in your own.

This map will produce HARD and LONG fights if you don't use the tunnels. And i mean that. You'll see carnage and destruction. A lot of it. If you are using the "persistant bodies" option, you will not see any ground on the bridge after a while :D



Readme for Dawn of War: Winter Assault map "Drawbridge"

Simply unzip all the map-files into a folder with the path:
e.g. "C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/WXP/Data/Scenarios/MP"
If you don't have those folders, create them in the Windows Explorer. 
Your installation location for DoW might be different. Change the folder paths accordingly.

You will not need the readme and screenshots in this zip to run the map.



All gamemodes are supported, and i strongly suggest you to use Take+Hold and the Control Area win condition. This will shorten the battle a tiny bit. But even than the game will take most likely more than 30-40 game-minutes. If you are like me and use the Annihilation win condition only and that on the difficulty HARD, well, prepare to sit more than 1 hour in front of your screen  :D


Player 1 Human 	Team1
Player 2 AI	Team1
Player 3 AI	Team1

Player 4to8 AI 	Team2

Make sure you use FIXED POSITIONS and do set the teams accordingly. Of course you can use human players for all positions, too. I never tried that, though.

Other things:
Try the Skirmish AI mod for a better and unbugged AI experience. The standard AI is a bit dumb.

You'll need WA installed to play that map. It will not work in DoW.

Thanks to Thetaorion, Moe, NFIH and all others. And extra thanks to Ruosteinen for the tunnelscript. Some special thanks to ThetaOrion and his incredible patience  ;)

Aralez and Ruosteinen (2006)

Have fun.

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