Dreadformous Legion 1

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The Story is as follows. The Dreadformous Legion has served the emperor well with its strong sense of tactics and its loyal veterens. They have suffered major crippling losses over the past years. The last Remaining two divisions of the Dreadformous Legion have been ordered to a unfamiliar world to them and have been order to defend a particular base. On arival they realise they are to defend the entrance to a warp gate to the realem of chaos. On the other side stands the Emperor's Children who seem to be having a sort of dispute themselves. With honor and courage the Dreadformous Legion heads into the face of terror and stares down these heritic fools.

Post battle were the next reply will pick up the story. Shortly after there great victory the Dreadformous Legion celebrates there new found raise in moral. Something is off however. Soon these last two divisions of the Dreadformous Legion find themselves entranced by the powers of chaos and are reborn. What horrors will these new found Chaos Space Marines do

The following things will be needed to run this reply

The most recent update4d version of left out units mod.

For the banners and badge Idk if you will need them but here they are The complete Space Marines chapters and maybe MX badges and banners.

The map is called the Other Side a particularly awsome map in my opinion. However it seems to be missing a few textures.


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