Galenas Crusade

This snowy 1v1 map features 8 strategic points, 3 critical locations, 2 relics, and very little cover, so wage your battles well!


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File Description

This snowy 1v1 map features 8 strategic points, 3 critical locations, 2 relics, and very little cover, so wage your battles well!

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## Description:

Galenas Revenge is a 2 player map set in a winter theme. Each base has 3 "quite safe" strategic points as well as a critical that is easily accessable from outside, still it is part of the base. Also, there are two strategics as well as two relics in a centered line to fight for, as well as the third critical in the center of the map.

There is only few cover on the map, near each base is one strategic set into water, but only the dark area in the water is negativ cover, which allows to walk at the side without any cover malus. The crater around the map are all heavy cover.

There are some small but tricky elements in the map. First of all, a strategic on a cliff, that covers a path below, but is also attackable from below ofcourse. Then, the second entrance to the base is totally uncovered, only defense plus is a single heavy cover crater and a smaller entrance. But there is a strategic next to it, to have a "scouting outpost", as well as one strategic and one relic nearby. Still, this path to the base is quite open, but also "useless" for an eco-attack. Good for scouting, good for harassing buildings like gens and other stuff. ;) If you want to kill your enemys eco, be sure to get the neutral relics or strategic, and beware of the negative cover path, that leads the attacker to an eco-harass, but also helps the defender to come along unheart, if used wisely.

I had some games on this map already and all were pretty fun, hope you like it :)

## Installation:

Just extracted the *.zip into your Dawn of War folder, or drag the extracted WXP folder into your Dawn of War folder. 
>>> DON'T do anything else ^^

The map is named Galenas Crusade (2) v10 ingame. You should easily find it.

The *.zip contains roughly:

4 mapfiles for version 1.0 

1 loading screens, one for each version
1 256x256 pixel mapoverview.jpg

3 readme.txt

## Legal Information

I would really like to hear from you if you want my map to be part of your mod, league, tourney!
But this file may NOT be redistributed on CD, DVD etc, resold, modified or "plugged" into a mod without notifying me.
Just drop me a note and i'm happy ;)

## Contact

Email: Listoric AT gmx DOT net
ICQ: 51192781

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