Galigar Space Port



Well, this map comes with no ReadMe (as such), and wasn't put in a Zip File (I've done that myself, so hopefully it has been done right). Additionally, the submitter didn't give his details. All I know is that his name is Alexavier or Ben... Or maybe something else? Anyway, the map seems nice enough.




Ok you may not believe me, but I'll tell you anyway, I am 14 and I've made this 512x512 map under 12 hours. To make it believeable I was really deadicated to my map and worked hard and nonstop on it. I'm skilled with the map making tools so this made it easy, also I would like more inside info on the other buttens that seem to do nothing at all. Do not be alarmed this map dose not look like crap since i finished it under 12 hours. Anyway it's been tested and both sides have equal adlvantages and room, so much room that the largest vehicle could fit almost anywhere, just in the places you need it to be. I appolize for no aerial view since I could not get it in jpg. This map is the first one I've sent out to share to others and I would like to know how good the gaming experiance was on my map and how it looks to them. Please, I'am only asking you this, is that if you could put my map onto the DOW FILES. thank you for reading and I hope you to enjoy my map.

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