Hold Them Back



Well... This is a two-player map, which is fairly plain, and doesn't seem to be much. I'd be lying if I said I thought a lot of effort had gone into this. If it has, then I am amazed. I'm assuming this is one of the authors first, and we could cut him some slack. I guess you download this if you're fed up of terrain?

- Ash



Ok this map has 

10 strategic points 

1 relic in the middle

and 2 slags 

no legal agreement i don't care what you do 

the map is a 1 vs 1 

it's my first map very simple made it in 2 hours so you know

please don't be mean about the map 

the map goes to     C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War\WXP\Data\scenarios\Mp

have fun its a small map very small 

this is version 1.1 

it have mines 
player one has turrets
there is also a little thing of to the side of player one where civilians are look like they are about to get on a ship with 2 Guardsmen guarding each ship  

* Kalamor*

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