Icy Wind Storm



This 2-player map features a very detailed snowy terrain, built for very quick and fun battles with opponent.



===========Ice Wind Stom============

History: Two powerfull armies approch this area intending on capturing a relic deep in the Karatha Mountains.  The armies must be aware though, the relic was once released upon the wondering Imperials and wiped them out with tremendous force.  Who ever get control of the relic, it will tip the balance in their favour and will have a greater chance to crush the opposition. 

Who will prevail in this skirmish? 

===========Authors Message=========================

Hey thanks for downloading this map, this is the first map i have ever created and i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did when i first played it.  This map is built for a 1 versus 1 battle, although there arent many stragitic points available, but i thought by using this map it will help you manage your economy better by having a lower economy production.

Give me suggestions, problems and comments on the map to [email protected]

Have fun!



Follow the roots of the folders and place the files in the correct folders.

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