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IG Deffense Readme by:Hellocookie Well this is probably the most t...


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IG Deffense Readme by:Hellocookie Well this is probably the most time I ever spent on a mod, in the end it came out good, I tried really really hard to balence it and put in upgrades but most of the upgrades didn't make it because I couldn't figuar out how to make them work. Anyways this is mod is about imperial guard deffense! I lowered the stats of the standard guard units and sergeants, you must use some of the upgrades to make the guard squads better so they don't suck. Most of the buildings (IG buildings) have double their HP and 4 slots for men to be stored in (you know the gunports!). To install you must extract it to your DoW directary and then gointo the file and take out the modlue file and put it into your DoW directary..via drop and drag or cut and paste. Here is a list of the changes I made.

HQ hp now 9000 from 5000 Infantry com hp now 3000 from 1500 Listening post hp now 4000 from 2000 Mars Pattern com hp now 4500 from 2000 Mech com hp now 6000 from 4000 Mine feild hp now 2000 from 1000 Tactica hp now 4500 from 2000 Thermo plasma gen hp now 1800 from 1600 Turret hp now 3000 from 1500 HQ squad hold 5 from 3 Inf com squad hold 4 from 3 Listening post squad hold 3 from 1 Mech com squad hold 4 from 3 Turret damage now 70.75/55.0 Turret missle damage now 650.0/527.0 Listening post damage now 65.75/48.0 IG squad ranged and melee damage lowered IG Sgt. ranged and melee damage lowered Captain's ranged damage much greater Captain's melee damage much lower Ogryn ranged damage lowered Ogryn Sgt. ranged damage lowered IG grenade launcher damage lowered Turret accuracy higher Max inf cap 30 from 20 Max enginseer now 4 from 3 Hardened Fighters upgrade now avaiable Carapace Armour upgrade now avaiable Max baslisks 5 from 3 Iron Discipline upgrade now avaiable Cybernetic Enhancement upgrade now avaiable IG plasma gun damage lowered IG squad hp much lower IG squad now starts off with 6 men IG Sgt. hp is lower Kasrkin renamed Storm Troopers Kasrkin quarters renamed storm trooper q. Storm Trooper hp lower Storm Trooper Sgt. hp is lower IG now have a automatic6 start off support cap Physker's max cap is now 4 from 3 Commissar's max cap is now 5 from 3

Guard armour,Storm Trooper armour, and their Sgt.'s armour has been lowered This is the property of Hellocookie do not rip off mod in anyway. Also if you are good at modding and you know how to make research, pleas sent me a PM telling me how. At the moment I am trying to learn how. Thank-you!

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