Imperial FF Mod (fixed)

To save on confusion, this version has been named version 1.2, (for the front page purposes only) this is not a fix to the old file, but...


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To save on confusion, this version has been named version 1.2, (for the front page purposes only) this is not a fix to the old file, but a replacement. Please read the description and readme carefully.

This is a winter assault mini mod. It drastically minimizes the old FFv1.1 mod file size. This should be treated as a new version of the FF mod and not a downloadable fixer. This will still show up as the FF mod v1.1 in your modmanager so you should delete the older mod files in order to avioud confusion.

Origional Description Description: I understand that my last version of this mod had some errors. People had trouble unziping it and it was 163.MB huge!! Well I took out the maps in the ff mod folder to decrease the size and hopfully elimate the data error problem. I would like to give my appolgy to anyone who downloaded the last version of this mod and had it not work and any maps that were the property of a map maker that ACCEDIENTLY got shipped with mod! Here are the changes NOTE:This (I think) should show up as the ff mod and I don't think this requires the last version to run. To tell if you are running the ff modv1.1 you just have to look at the top of the screen at the main menu.

Changes: I corrected some info on units to make this more codex correct, this isn't a codex mod but I would like it to stay close to the actuall W4k game

Chem dogs have been replaced by conscripts Extra map files have been taken out IG squad rerenamed Shock Troop Conscripts now have a line formation

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Imperial FF mod fix v1.1

Hey everybody, I want to apologize for my huge v1.1 of this file. This should fix that. It should now be about 700kb instead of 264mb! There is nothing new acept the file size, thanks to 3 or 5 people who emailed me and told me how to correctly send the file. If you want to know what this does I suggest that you look at the file describion on my old v1.1 FF mod at DoWfiles.

First off this is a winter assault mod and you DON'T need the older versions of my mod for this to work. Now simply extract all the files to your DoW directary and then go into the file and move the modlue file to the dow directary. Then your done!

THis is the property of hellocookie and for your sake you better not ripp off this mod!

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