Imperial Guard Badges



Here we have a nice, large set of badges and banners. They are based upon the imperial guard, and look good on em :D

go download now!




The Generic Imperial Guard Badges set

This zip should include 21 badge files

this readme

and in some cases 6 .png screenshots (not if file is dl'd from Hive World Terra)

to install place in your DOW/Badges file

Notes: this set was made for those who either wanted some variety in their guard badges instead of just numbers,
or fancied some badges that look less like those employeed by the cadians and more used by other Guard forces
maybe even some of the more primitive ones.

Anyway i converted/recoloured/cleaned up theses badges from an ancient 40k Guard desktop icon pack i had on my 
old machine. I've never really been able to discover its origin, however as all these badges are visibile in 
much of the imperial guard artwork and modelling i decided to use these as a source and these are not simply 
ported over


p.s If you wish to use these in your schemes or mods, just ask for my permision before use and give credit etc.
i can be contacted on relic forums or hanger-8's under Sgt.Roadkill
P.p.s if it appears i have copied someone elses badges i apologise and this was in no way intentional, 
my source material can be seen in this projects thread on Hanger-8's banners and badges forum

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