Imperial Manufactorum

This 3v3 map is set in an urban area, where an Imperial tank factory has been overrun by Orks. This map uses a self-installer.


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File Description

This 3v3 map is set in an urban area, where an Imperial tank factory has been overrun by Orks. This map uses a self-installer.

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Map Description

Creator: TheBear
Name: Imperial Manufactorum
Players: 6
Size: 512*512
Gamemodes: All
Teams: 3v3

The basic concept for this map was open urban combat in an Ork overrun Imperial tank factory. I wanted to make the map fairly detailed including 6 bases with established perimeters. Two main streets run down the center of the map with other roads breaking off into each of the bases. During the course of laying out the buildings I tried to provide maximum view for the player so that they were never hindered by a building blocking combat. 

Each base has 2-4 paths into the city along with 3 strategic points, a relic, and a slag deposit. The first block into the city provides another 2 strategic points for each base with a critical point in each of the three center blocks.


"It is an self-installer, so path should be found correctly in most cases. If you encounter any problems there is a workaround. Install the map to a easy directory like D:\xxx, then copy the w40k folder from there over your w40k over your Dawn of War w40k folder." - Rayden


Built by the Imperial Guard, this tank factory outpost produces far less tanks than it is capable of. Its purpose was to secretly act as a technology center for uprading the Baneblade, which has since been finished. The planet has been overrun by Orks yet the Imperium continues in their attempts to retake the city. The sheer resources that the Imperium is devoting to this small outpost has attracted the attentinon of many armies. While units fight street by street battles, the Imperial Guard search for a lost technology amongst the ruins of the city.


I messed around with the editor back when the game was orignally released but never actually released a map of my own. The Beta phase of this map provided very helpful suggestions and gave me a better idea of how to improve the map. Thanks to those of you that provided feedback. Special thanks to Rayden whose minimap and install tutorials came in handy. Most of all thanks to you for downloading the map.

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