A nice, small two player map, which for some strange reason, reminds me of a Zoo... - Don't ask, I don't know either :p



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A nice, small two player map, which for some strange reason, reminds me of a Zoo... - Don't ask, I don't know either :p


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Download '2p_jarretsbridge.zip' (5.38MB)

Map Name : 2P Jarretsbridge
Game : Dawn of War
Developer : Ravenfeeder
contact : spellweaver at ntlworld dot com

Unzip 2P Jarretsbridge folder to \Dawn of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP
Place 2P_Jarretsbridge_loading.tga in the Loading folder within scenarios\MP
Place the decals from the Decals folder into \Dawn of War\W40k\Data\art\Decals

Feel free to do what you like with this file. Its my first map in about a year, so i might be a bit rusty. But i like big maps with scenery that adds to the scenario. If you dont like this aspect to the map, open up Map Editor and tinker away. Any positive criticism greatly received. Anything negative will be ignored - unless you've done some maps yourself, in which case i'll MAYBE take it on board lol.

This map is quite large for 2 players giving lots of time to accrue power and points. It has 2 relics, 3 Strategic Objectives, 2 Slag heaps and a host of strategic points. 

Buildings and woods give cover. The bridges give negative cover and end up as bottlenecks of severe fighting. Its quite a tactical map, especially when the bodycount starts to mount - ambushes can destroy a large army quite quickly. Its ideal for turtle players or defensive, stopping quick rushing due to the amount of ground that has to be covered. Vehicles can get over the bridges but may find certain avenues blocked, relying on infantry to get the job done in those areas.

Premis : Once an ork stronghold, Jarretsbridge has been 'pacified' for 3 centuries. Only scattered tribes of the original ork populace remained, hunted to the brink of extinction. Banding together, they have launched a final push against the human populace with support from offworld. 3 Human bridges provide infantry and support weapons access across the riverbeds. The battles for this planet have raged now for 2 years and are entering the final phase. Fight and Conquer as your race of choice - this world teeters on the brink and will be a valuable asset to the winner - whomever they are.

many thanks to those who've done maps and whose decals may have ended up in here. Apologies to those who are pi**ed off if ive used their stuff.

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