Kasr Angelis

This 2v2 map has one team defending Kasr Angelis from Ork invaders.


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This 2v2 map has one team defending Kasr Angelis from Ork invaders.

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Download 'kasr_angelis_v1.zip' (2.28MB)

Kasr Angelis-Readme. (by saoreire)

This is a 2v2 player map for Winter Assault where you & Player2 have to defend Kasr Angelis from 2 Ork invaders. (you are either Imperial Guard (preferrably) & Player2 is SpaceMarines, but it really doesnt matter, thats just if you wanna be part of the storyline) 

This is my first map ever & believe it or not took me more than 5 hours to make because I didn't know how to stop people walking through walls until me bro suggested using impassible terrain, & btw theres no damn manual for modtools!
Anyway I appreciate the feedback on the map because I need to improve my map-making skills & if anyone has some 'constructive' criticism I can take it, but nothing too harsh, Im very sensitive. (that was a joke)

Anyhoo 4 all you noobs out there (which to some extent includes me): 

Extract to: "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Data\Scenarios\MP"

Post any comments or whatever on the page where you download this from on dawnofwar.filefront.com or e_mail me on: a_v525 AT hotmail DOT com

Happy Gaming!!!

Feel free to improve on this map if you see potential, but notify me before

P.S. Delphinus XII by Acturas rocks!!!

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