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Not much shown by the screenshots on this one, but by looking at them, and reading the readme, you get an understanding of it. In basic, you defend a city (if you look at it from a story point of view). Not a bad job!




Kasr Angelis(v2)-Readme (by saoreire)

This is a 4v2 (or 2v2) 6 Player map for Winter Assault where you & P2 have to defend the city of Kasr Angelis from Ork/Chaos invaders.
This is the second version of my 1st ever map & I decided to re-release v2 to make up for some rookie mistakes I made in the original.

You can play 4Player(2v2) like in the original or you can now play 6Player(4v2) in for a longer game. 

Some of the main changes:

-Added heightmap to the steps & re-added critical location (which i removed prior to the release of the original)
-Added decals to map (eg: blood) which I overlooked in the original.
-Added 2 extra attacking players (5&6) to prolong the game.
-Added extra entrance near P2 SP.
-Added minimap(mm) & map selection picture(_icon).
& numerous little changes.

As usual:
Extract to: "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Data\Scenarios\MP"


You can redistribute this map as long as you include this readme & dont try to pass it off as your own.

You can edit this map for personal use but if you want to redistribute it in edited form e-mail me at: a_v525 AT hotmail DOT com

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