Kirons Swamp

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A 1 versus 1 swamp based map...looks pretty good. If your into 1v1's then i guess you should add this to your collection of maps.




Kirons Swamp 
By Munich

As I stalked through the swamps deep and dark waters I began to realise I was being followed. After many days of searching the creature I was looking for was found. Yet i had not found it, it had found me. As I struggled to find a way out of the water I saw a flash, It was a flash of brightly coloured carapace that as quickly as it had appeared it had dissapeared. I paused. I saw it again a flash this time of red carapace, I turned and there was the creature the creature i had been stalking had actually been stalking me. The Red Terror stood as tall as an imperial palace. I pulled out by battle axe. I charged flinging myself at the gargantuan creature. Then the darkness took me.


Extract to "Dawn of War\WXP\Data\scenarios\MP", 

Place the Decal folder in "Dawn of War\WXP\Data\art\decals".
Thx For Downloading

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