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I started this mod 2 years ago, and it was basically a reskin of the blood ravens so you could play the original campaign with some of medes new units in WA. Started my own campaign, got fed up and left it. But recently I decided to try and get something out in the community.

The campaign is loosely based around events in the eastern fringe when the Lamenters and Scythes of the Emperor first encountered the hive fleet.

My campaign demo will give you about 25+ minutes playtime.

Well from what the author just said it sounds good. For all fans of campaigns like myself this is a must with whole campaigns being a rare sight indeed. I think there is only really DoW Kingdom. Doesn't sound bad at all so give it a go and Enjoy ~Gaffer



*							       *
*		   Lamenters Mod by Telboy007		       *
*							       *
*			  version 0.5.1		       	       *	
*							       *	


Hi, this started off as an experiment using IBBoard's new Texture
Tool to change army colour schemes in single player missions.

At the moment it allows you to play the original DoW campaign in
a different colour scheme (similar to the Black Templar campaign
mod), includes the Mission Editor tutorial campaign found on 
the RDN wiki and has a demo of my own campaign.

The mod will hopefully grow over time; intergrating more units
that Medes and co are working on and include my completed single
player campaign based on events on the Eastern Fringe.


The mod works with:

1. Winter Assault only

Running the Mod

Load Winter Assault, select Game Manager and choose "Lamenters 

Go to Campaign and you have a choice of the following:

1. Original Dawn of War campaign
2. Eastern Fringe Demo
3. Eldar ME tutorial campaign (1 mission only)

Dawn of War campaign

Please note the following:

1. Playing the DoW campaign in Winter Assault means the Space 
   Marines will follow the Winter Assault tech tree.

2. Devastators are available after the first HQ upgrade, and 
   there is a limit of 3 squads at this time.

3. Veteran Marines appear in tech tree at the same level as 

4. Because the FC's weapons are now upgradeable, he sometimes
   switches randomly between melee weapons in cut scenes. :)

What's included in the mod

1. RTX files for the Space Marine race.
2. Amended W40k.ucs file which reads Lamenter(s) instead of 
   Blood Raven(s)
3. Amended SCAR missions files (from the original DoW campaign)
   - contains one extra line of code to change the colour scheme 
   from Blood Ravens to Lamenters.
4. The army painter has been expanded to show more units for
   Space Marines.
5. The Mission Editor campaign tutorial files (fixed) from the RDN 
   DoW wiki.
6. Medes' models; Force Commander, Devastators & Veteran Marines.

Version history

0.1 	- First release.
0.2 	- Included the amended W40k.ucs file (replaced Blood Ravens 
          with Lamenters).
0.3 	- Further changes to ucs file (replaced Blood Raven with 
0.4 	- Incorporated Medes' FC (v1.5) and Vet Marine (v1.4) models, 
          added WA compatibility.
0.4.1	- Added Medes' FC (v1.6), changed FC health to correct value,
	  added Terminators back into Tech tree, removed DoW 1.4 
0.4.2	- Added Space Marine Devastator squad & re-coloured icons.
0.5.0   - Added demo of my single player campaign.
0.5.1   - Added a few minor bits and pieces.


Manually delete 'telboy007' mod folder and module file and re-install.

Credits & Thanks

IBBoard for his amazing Texture Tool and help getting this
mod ship shape.

Hanger-8 for his excellent Banners and Badges (Lamenters used 
in this mod with permission).

Medes for his models, WeAreLegion for textures and 
RedSarge for icons.

Relic for their excellent game!

Thank you for downloading my mod!

1st May 2008

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