This two player map is designed for play with first person as the blood ravens and second player as the eldar. This map contains 1 relic, 6 slag deposits, and 8 strategic points.



this map is for dowwa

After a fierce battle with the blood ravens to keep possession of an ancient weapon of great power, the forces of chaos retreat, 
But realising the true danger of the ignorance of humans the eldar cast the temple in to an ancient prison chamber in the webway where 
they will destroy the weapon and its occupants.

The blood ravens are not ones to be defeated however; and will stop at nothing to escape the clutches of the arrogant eldar at all costs.

the game is ideally played with player 1 being the blood ravens and player 2 being the eldar;
and is designed to be played with the assasinate and destroy hq game rules on.

the game has:
1 relic
6 slag deposits
8 strategic points

this is my first map (so i'm still learning to use map editor) and is not quite finished yet but i would like to here some ideas on how to improve it

put the contents in your c:/programfiles/thq/dawnofwar/w40k/data/scenarios/mp folder

if you want to edit this map, include it in any mods or use it in any way other than playing with it in game please contact me at [email protected]
if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at the email address above

thanks gix10000

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