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Mudflap has another version of his popular Mark VI Armor mod out! In case you don't remember, it will change your Space Marines to wear...


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Mudflap has another version of his popular Mark VI Armor mod out! In case you don't remember, it will change your Space Marines to wear their older, heresy-era armor, complete with the 'beaked' helmet. Furthermore, a new missile launcher more appropriate to the heresy-era is available, and bolters are randomly fitted with bayonets.

Some changes from the previous version include better rigging of the models, updated missile launcher, WA compatability and more!

This mod is for Winter Assault.

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Mark_VI Space Marine Armor Mod V 1.1
by Mudflap

This mod updates the Mark_VI Armor Mod to be playable in Winter Assault and includes the following refinements:

1) Selection circles instead of rectangles
2) Per bedlamguitar's great idea, bayonets have been added to give it that extra old-school feel, plus they are randomly 
   distributed throughout the units.
3) All events work properly, now the traces of bolter fire can be seen and the sounds work right.
4) Mark VI Missle launcher less "organic" looking
5) Better rigging.
More details below.

This is for all those old school Rogue Trader fans out there.

This presents Space Marines in Mark VI Armor.

The model is based on those great plastic box sets with pointy nose marines.
The model was developed by BoredPilot and Kendo for the Horus Heresy Mod.

The Horus Heresy Mod is in progress again and more information on that mod can be seen here:

With Compiler's help they let me have their model and texture.  Thanks to all those guys for making this possible.

I rigged and added biped anims to the model to make it live in the game.  I also made Kendo's texture teamcolorable.  I have  
also added my own original model of the Mark VI rocket launcher.  It is inspired by those
plastic space marine armies circa 1992. It has a pointy nose and rocket magazine that sticks
out the top.  Now the space marines look just like my old tabletop army.

It works in Winter Assault only.  The previous version is still available and works in DOW version 1.2., 1.3, and 1.41 and can be downloaded at DOWfiles here:;48252

Mod Installation:

To install the mod, unzip the files into your Dawn of War folder.

The files will unzip into a folder called "Mark_VI"
All the files, except the one needed to start the mod and this readme, will unzip into this folder and have been
designed not to affect your core W40K files.

After you unzip the mod start Winter Assault and activate "Mark VI Armor Mod ver 1.1" in the game manager.

Winter Assault with then restart to activate the mod.

Then go to skirmish mode and start a skirmish.  Play a space marine army.

They play just like regular space marines.

Have fun.

This mod is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop, THQ, or Relic.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post to group below:

or email me at:

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