Mike's Mod: Necrons



Mike's Necron mod steps things up with a brand-new version of his mod! This time, you can expect balance changes that should really make the race play more evenly against enemies, rather than a full-out unstoppable destruction force. Keep watching for new versions!



This is a WIP FULL RACE mod designed to make the necrons from Winter Assault into a useable, balanced force

Three things necrons die horribly to is melee, marine heavy bolters and chaos sorcerors :)

The next few incarnations might possibly include more units!

To install, copy necrons folder and necrons.module to C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\ assuming thats where you installed your game to

First off these are the changes that have been made:

- Increased Warrior health to 480
- Made the Monolith Tank require an add-on 
- Added Proxy Generator and Thermo Generator 
- Fixed Monolith Building not able to carry troops
- Warriors should no longer loose morale at the drop of a hat
- Fixed the bug that made the Monolith Building transparent during building, although it may still appear from time to time
- Added 'Living Metal' Health research and 'Vision of the C'tan' Accuracy research 
- Lowered Warrior Morale to 400
- Removed the Builder taking up 1 cap
- Monolith buildings no longer require a control area to be built
- Greatly reduced the cost for the Monolith Building, but increased build time
- Reduced Monolith Tank sight radius 
- Increased damage for Gauss_flayer_ranged against all units

- Gave Necron Warriors 500 morale
- Reduced life of Warriors and Monolith
- Changed armour of Monolith to vehicle High
- Reduced damage from all Gauss Weapons to more 'fair' levels
- Increased Move speed of warriors and monolith
- Increased rotation speed of monolith
- Reduced range of monolith main weapon
- Made one building ONLY so far, thats all they need. The monolith building affects pop and vehicle cap when built.
- Monoliths have the tunnel ability akin to guard buildings.

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