Necron Tomb

This is a 6-player map designed for 3 vs 3 gameplay.


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This is a 6-player map designed for 3 vs 3 gameplay.

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-----Necron Tomb (6)-----
-----By: drkmyst-----
-----contact drkmyst AT hotmail DOT com-----


Play as the Necrons without a MOD 
ok its limited but still fun :)
Necron Tomb is a 6 player map made for 3 v 3 team play
Thanks for trying my first map ever made for Dawn Of War
hope you enjoy it 

-----Install Instructions-----

1) Goto where you downloaded the file
2) Unzip the file with your unzipping tool ie winzip
3) once done there will be a folder named mp
3) Right click on the folder and select copy
4) navigate to the following directory (by default) c:\program files\thq\dawn of war\wxp\data
5) if you have a folder named scenarios go to step 7 if not go to step 6
6) click the file tab and select new then new folder and name it scenarios
7) now double click the scenarios folder
8) click the edit tab and select paste from the list
9) you will now see a folder named mp
10) click the cross at the top right
11) fire up Dawn Of War Winter Assault
12) enhoy the new map

-----End of File-----

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