Nerdsturm's Mappack III



This is a mappack by Nerdsturm containing 4 maps for DoW:Winter Assault. They are... -Crankshaft, 8 player (4v4) -In the Hall of the Mountain King, 8 player (4v4) -On The Road, 4 player (2v2), this was previously released in the mapping competition mappack, but I didn't feel like many people downloaded those maps. -Cityfight, 4 player (2v2) I am really happy to be uploading such a great map pack. Hit the download button now and you won't be disappointed Enjoy ~Gaffer



Readme- Nerdsturm's Mappack III
By Nerdsturm
Contains 4 maps for DoW:WA or later
*NOTE*- I do not know how these maps will react to air units, so they may move through solid objects, ECT.

Installation (you may have to create some new folders)
Paste contents of maps folder in 
...Dawn of WarWXPDatascenariosMP

Place contents of detail folder in 
...Dawn of WarWXPDataartscenariostexturesdetail

Place contents of decals folder in 
...Dawn of WarWXPDataartdecals

Feel free to use or modify these as you please, though notify me if you redistribute them in any way.

Contact me at myinitials[email protected]
Any feedback is appreciated, and have fun.

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