Well, from what it says in the ReadMe, we have ourselves a rather big 2 player map. Though, this doesn't come with any screenshots. - Ash


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Well, from what it says in the ReadMe, we have ourselves a rather big 2 player map. Though, this doesn't come with any screenshots.

- Ash

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DESCRIPTION: A VERY large 1v1 map designed for mods that increase squad and vehicle caps to acommadate for epic sized battles, as well as putting the enemy AI on insane mode just for that little extra fun.

The map was designed for Imperial players only but thats not to say no other race can play (it just might look a bit odd that Eldar or Orks would be staging their base of operations from a Imperial fortress)

One other thing is that this map is obviously far from finished im only submiting it because i wish to see if people like it and if so i will complete it. If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE critsism to give have any ideas or just wish to be helpfull contact me through email or MSN at []

HISTORY: Set on a newly discovered agricultural world on the outer rim not so much different to ancient Terra, Imperials xenos and traitors alike are after its rich mineral resourses and rare fossil fuel deposits. Only one thing can be sure...........the race that conquers this world will ultimately control the vital trade routes and warp paths crutial to expanding their kind.

Although previously untouched by war this planet will soon bear the scars of 41st mellenia warfare..........the purifying pulses of Space Marine battle barge lancer beams, the pinpoint lasers of Eldar wraithship pulsars and the earsplitting roar of Ork space hulk MeGa CaNoNs among various other forms of mass destruction.

CREDITS: TheClone - for teaching me how to use the tools and putting up with my bulls**t :) and anyone that helped me submit this map (because i suck at computers and couldnt do it myself)

LEGAL: i WOULD include some kind of legal thing stating that i dont want anyone to rip my map off but is that truly going to stop you if you wanted it?


For Winter Assault:

Extract to: "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War\WXP\Data\Scenarios\MP"

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