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It's nighttime soldiers, but the battle doesn't stop here. So grab those searchlights, and hit the frontlines! Night Shift version 1.0...


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It's nighttime soldiers, but the battle doesn't stop here. So grab those searchlights, and hit the frontlines! Night Shift version 1.0 is out, along with Midnight Shift, holding full Steel Legion mod compatibility! Download now!

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Download 'night_shift_setup_v1.0.0.exe' (94.08MB)

-- Readme Contents

1: Mod Features 
2: The Team
3: Night Rules
4: Night Races
5: Midnight Shift
6: Tutorials 

-- 1: Mod Features

- Night Races: Unique night wargear for all five races.
- Night Maps: Night conversion of every map from Dawn of War and Winter Assault.
- Automation: Night wargear is only and automatically available on night maps. 
- Skirmish AI: The most recent Skirmish AI with night tactics for all races. 
- Custom Installer: The installer is fully automatic, it installs or updates the mod dynamically and in accord with the user's needs. 
- Language Support: English, French, German, Spanish support included.
- Mod Support: Steel Legion support included for Midnight Shift.
- Content Support: Tutorials to help the community add new night content. 

-- 2: The Team

[Night Shift Team]
- Palii: Models, Textures, Animation, Fx, Coding
- Gvendolin: Map Editing, Skymaps 
- ptm56: Spanish Translator
- ThrowN: German Translator 
- skills: Betatester 
- CrossOrion: Betatester 
- Kindred Ravens: Betatester 
- Seraphim2150: Betatester
- Inert Mk2: Betatester
- davisbe: Betatester
- donkey7890: Betatester
- scorpia: Betatester
- Deathorglory: Betatester
- Viper114: Betatester

[Skirmish AI Team]
- Thudmeizer: Mod Leader
- Larkin: AI Coder
- Arkhan: AI Coder
- Excedrin: AI Coder

[Steel Legion Team]
- Maestrorobertus: Mod Leader
- MirrorImage: Betatester
- tonnes: Betatester
- redG: Betatester

[Community Support]
- Shingouki: Best help ever!
- Finaldeath: Debug and Video Expert
- Tempest: Dowfiles Staff
- Compiler: Help with French Translation 
- {B}lack_Templar: Help with German Translation 

-- 3: Night Rules 

- Darkness: Darkness is generated on the whole surface of night maps. Infantry, vehicles, buildings have their sight radius reduced to 50%.
- Illumination: Units targeted by searchlights and units with an active searchlight are illuminated. They will suffer from ranged and melee damage at 140%.
- Searchlight: Units that have a searchlight can activate it, same way as using an ability. All active searchlights restore their user's sight radius to 100%.
- Nightvision: These units retain 100% sight radius.

-- 4: Night Races

[Space Marines]
- Searchlight: Rhino, Whirlwind, Predator, Land Raider, Dreadnought, Hellfire Dreadnought
- Nightvision: Servitor

[Chaos Marines]
- Searchlight: Rhino, Predator, Defiler
- Nightvision: Heretic, Horror, Bloodthirster

- Nightvision: Bonesinger, Guardarian, Warlock, Farseer, Ranger, Howling Banshee, Howling Banshee Exarch, Dark Reaper, Dark Reaper Exarch, Warp Spider, Warp Spider Exarch, Fire Dragon, Fire Dragon Exarch, Avatar

- Searchlight: Trukk, Wartrak, Killa Kan, Looted Leman Russ, Squiggoth
- Nightvision: Grots

[Imperial Guard]
- Searchlight: Sentinel, Chimera, Hellhound, Basilisk, Leman Russ, Baneblade
- Nightvision: Techpriest Enginseer, Vindicare Assassin

[Steel Legion]
- Searchlight: Sentinel, Chimera, Hellhound, Basilisk, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Leman Russ Demolisher, Leman Russ Vanquisher, Leman Russ Executioner, Destroyer, Thunderer, Trojan, Salamander, Stormblade
- Nightvision: Pioneer

-- 5: Midnight Shift

A secondary mod can be installed after Night Shift. It is created by the same installer. The installer detects all mods compatible with night shift and creates a mod that includes all those mods, plus night shift. Midnight Shift will allow users to play with mods on night maps with full online compatibility! Note that Midnight Shift requires the most recent version of every mod currently supported.

-- 6: Tutorials

- Create Night Maps
- Revome Everything for Screenshots
- Define Night Hotkeys
- Mod Support Whitepaper
- Mod Public Source
- Night Races: Coding Night Rules
- Night Races: Nightvision
- Night Races: Searchlight
The purpose of these tutorials is to help the community produce Mods and Maps fully compatible with Night Shift, thus allowing new strategies and giving new visuals to the player, without affecting balance. If you installed the tutorials along with the mod then you can acces them through the Start Menu.

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