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If you like slimy, pint-sized daemons, then this might just be the mod for you! Swarm your opponents with Nurglings, a new unit brou...


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If you like slimy, pint-sized daemons, then this might just be the mod for you! Swarm your opponents with Nurglings, a new unit brought to you by Mudflap! Players familiar with the Warhammer 40k universe no doubt will recognize the little monsters right away, but for everyone else, above are some screenshots of what a Nurgling looks like. In Warhammer 40k, nurglings are daemons of Nurgle, one of the four gods of chaos. Now that the background is aside, download and play!

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Nurglings!!! Mod V1.0
by Mudflap

Congratulations scarred champion of chaos.  Your foul deeds have won
you notice in the far reaches of the abyss.  Nurgle has tasted your mettle 
and found you suitable for his unfathomable purposes.  As a token of this
recognition he has granted you a gift.  You can now summon hordes of nurglings
to do your will across the battlefields of the imperium and the warp.

Nurlgings are the knee-high servants of the champions of Nurgle.  They spawn into
large squirming packs and rend a path of destruction wherever they pass.  They attack only at
close range but hit hard and mass in large groups.

Who is Nurgle?  Nurgle is the Great Lord of Decay who presides over physical corruption and morbidity. 
Disease and putrefaction attract him like a fly to a rotted corpse. It is the lives of 
lepers and the sorrows of the sick that fascinate him most. For his amusement he devises 
foul contagions which he inflicts upon the world. Many of the most horrible diseases are 
the creations of Nurgle, including the nauseating Red Pox and the most disgusting of all, 
Nurgle's Rot.(Taken from the Warhammer Realm of Chaos book)

New Stuff in the mod:

Original nurgling models and anims
New FX including exploding zits and fly swarms
Green Spectral death FX for Nurgling deaths

Mod Installation:

Requirements:  Winter Assault and/or Dawn of War Version 1.41 or 1.4

To install the mod, unzip the files into your Dawn of War folder.

The files will unzip into a folder called "Nurgling_Mod"
All the files, except the one needed to start the mod and this readme, will unzip into this folder and have been
designed not to affect your core W40K files.

After you unzip the mod, open Winter Assault or DOW and click on the Game Manager.  Select Nurglings!!! and activate it.

This will start the mod.

Then go to skirmish mode and start a skirmish.  Play a chaos army.

When you start the game you will find that the nurglings can be spawned from your Desecrated Stronghold. Watch out for the pus!

They will spawn in attack stance.  They have no ranged attacks. 

They also have the ability to claim strategic points, jump by means of a fly swarm, and deepstrike from the sacrificial circle in a hail of Nurgling rain.

Then look in the Chaos Temple.  There is a disabled icon for "Debase yourself on Nurgle's Putrid Altar".  Once you upgrade your desecrated 
stronghold you will then be able acticate the icon and do research to get Palanquin Nurglings.

Palanquin Nurglings have the same abilities as Nurglings except that they can also transport infantry units with the "Palanquin of Nurgle" ability;
very useful because they can carry units and jump with them or deepstrike with them.  These guys have 2 random heads so you can tell them apart
from your other nurglings.

This mod (modeling, rigging, animating, texturing, fx tweaking, and coding) was created solely by Mudflap with Palii kindly providing the fly swarm FX.

This mod is in no way endorsed by THQ, Relic, or Games Workshop.

This mod can be used whole or in part for any noncommercial use.  Please just give Mudflap and Palii credit by including our URLs below
in the readme. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post to group below:

or email me at:

Palii can be found at

have fun!

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