OrkPop mod

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This is OrkPop_mod version 1.0, what this does is allow you to build all ork units without the cost of the ork pop. Reinforcing however still costs ork pop. Also to prevent early rushes all turrets for other races expt the orks have been given better health and damage.



OrkPop mod v1.0
This is my 3 or 4th DoWWA mod! This is mod that makes the orks much more fun to play as! I hated playing as orks because of that stupid Orkpop resource they used! This mod getts rid of that and makes the game a much better experince. To install you must extract the files to your dow directory! That is all.Here is what this mod does!

-Made all ork units cost no ork pop to build!
-Made the orks start out with lots of ork pop and income for orkpop. (reinforceing still costs Orkpop)
-Made all the turrets of other races(expt orks) do a lot more damage!
-Gave the turrets of each race(expt orks) have a lot more HP
-Made the listening posts have better damage
-Made the IG bunkers (inf commands) have much more health
All of this was done to make it so that the player can't be rushed from the very start of the game by orks.This mod is Hellocookie's property and there will be consiquences for ripping off this mod.

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