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The third installment of the new balance Mod, with additional changes and tweaks, terminator and obliterator teleport made faster and with g...


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The third installment of the new balance Mod, with additional changes and tweaks, terminator and obliterator teleport made faster and with greater distance, eldar vyper and SM land speeder given a speed increase, dark reaper move slower and banshees move faster, SM and CSM move faster too. Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine Tactical Bolters given an accuracy and reload buff to ensure balance in the early game.

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Download 'orky_fairness_mod_0.3.zip' (519KB)

Thanks for downloading my new mod.

All rights,information, content and copyrights owned and controlled by GW etc.

This started out as a small mod to boost sluggas slightly and got a bit out of hand, i have changed many units inline with the general discussions on the Relic forums and my own fair deal of experiance.

Much respect is due to the developers for producing the tools and ease of use for modding, Thanks.

The Orky_Fairness_Mod.module file and the Orky_Fairness_Mod folder should both be put in your WA directory (C:/Program files/WA/ or x:/WA etc)

The Changes.


Slugga HP buffed slightly
Slugga accuracy buffed slightly
Slugga cc speed increased
Slugga Burna req lowered
Slugga Burna damage buffed conciderably
Stormboy HP buffed slightly
Stormboy made available earier
Shoota Boy Big Shoota buffed conciderably and made cheaper - now worth buying
Mad Dok made available earlier
Fighting Juice now costs req for each use and comes one banner later than Bad Dok
Boyz Hut HP buffed
Waagh Banner HP buffed
Mek Shop build time decreased

Imperial Guard

Grenade Launcher damage nerfed
Guardsmen CC damage nerfed significantly
Priest nerfed cost/buildtime/damage
Psyker buffed considerably cost/buildtime/damage
Psyker Lighting Arc buffed considerably
Temples cost and buildtime changed
Commisar HP nerfed considerably
Chimera Multilaser buffed

Space Marines

Power Fists buffed on all squads
Assault Marine reinforce power cost increased
Assault Marine reinforces slower
Rhino HP buffed massively
Whirlwind HP nerfed massively
Word Of The Emperer costs req for each use
Standard Drednought CC damage nerfed slightly
Hellfire Drednought ranged damage buffed slightly
Terminator assault cannon damage buffed slightly


Rhino HP Buffed massively
Knorne Bezerker HP lowered slightly
Possessed Marines nerfed slightly
Obliterator Assault Cannon nerfed slightly
CSM Heavy Bolter accuracy and damage improved - they have had centuries to practise


Prism Cannon reload time nerfed conciderably
Prism Cannon damage nerfed slightly
Wraithlord Brightlance nerfed conciderably
Vyper HP buffed conciderably
Ranger HP buffed conciderably
Soul Shrine HP nerfed conciderably 
Soul Shrine buildtime changed inline with other races
Soul Shrine Cost increased

All Races

HQ 2 req lowered conciderably
Mines build much quicker
All sorts of other small tweaks to damage values

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