Outpost Macragge



During the battle for macragge countless waves of tyranids keep on swarming the imperials, so the space marines and imperial guard have set up an outpost so that they can get a foothold on the planet but recently an ultramarine thunderhawk was shot down by tyranid warriors. The ultramarines were escorting an inquisitor to the outpost now that the ultramarines and the inquisitor has crash landed outside of our walls we must rescue them and get them back to safety.



Hallo, this is Cadian warrior with my 4th map for dawn of war

I nade this map because i was bored and realy there aint enough desert maps and all so heres a description of what the maps about.

this might look a bit odd if player 3 and 4 are eldar because the base looks a bit tyranidy/chaos but it still works

this is a 4 player map for dawn of war winter assualt only!


extract everything into

c: / program files / thq / dawn of war / wxp / data / scenarios / mp

if theres any problems or just simply want to e-mail me contact me at

[email protected]


[email protected]

have fun and enjoy

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