Seems a good enough MOD, and quite basic. The only "horror" I can see with this, is doubling the Ork Squads, I'd have thought they had enough as it was :p but still, it does bring more fun to the battlefield.




This is a rather simple mod that I made because I was bored and 
wanted larger squads for larger-scale warfare and more tactics. 
Basically it doubles the number of members per squad. It also halves 
the cost of reinforcing the squads, and doubles the number of heavy 
weapons they can carry.

I have done some limited testing, and have found that the AI works
for most races. The IG didn't work when I tested it, but I made some
changes so that they may work.

This mod is my own property and may not be distributed in whole or
in part without my explicit consent. You may contact me at 
[email protected]

This mod was made for the video game Dawn of War: Winter Assault,
Devloped by Relic and THQ in association with Games Workshop. It is
in no way endorsed by Relic, THQ, or Games Workshop.

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