Rising Evil



This is one map you folks will have to rate yourself. Without a picture, I can't really say much besides the fact it's a 1v1 map.




For centuries both the forces of Chaos and the Imperium thought the tiny island in the middle of the vast toxic sea on Icaanak II to be useless, nothing more than a resupply depot for small transport boats the stop at on their way from the eastern island to the western island. After a freak warp storm that destroyed most of the planets population, Imperial forces came back the planet to find that on the ‘insignificant’ island a daemon had been woken by the storm. It did not yet have the power to free itself from the ancient spells that had entombed it underground. It took all the daemon’s available strength to snare a passing chaos transport ship and draw the Chaos forces to it. A company of ultramarines along with what was left of Icaanak’s PDF (Planetary Defence Force) arrived just in time to stop the chaos forces completing the task of releasing the Daemon. However, the Imperial forces failed to destroy the chaos makeshift chaos temple, meaning that the ceremony remains uncompleted but not stopped. After that the Eldar arrived and managed to suppress the Daemon again but 10 years later the Daemon has managed to call another army to it (although it is unknown what that army will be), which will surely lead to more bodies joining the frozen corpses from the last battle on the island. 

The map
The map contains:
6 Strategic Points
2 Slag Deposits
2 Relics
1 Strategic Objective/Critical Location (whatever you want to call it.)

Extract all the files (except the Readme unless you want it in your maps folder) to C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War\WXP\Data\Scenarios\Mp

Other stuff
Any feedback would be much appreciated as this is my 1st map and more than likely could do with some improvements, but don’t just say you don’t like it, say why and I can change it (as long as I know how!).
I made the map myself but some credit does have to go to Tony Paget who explained the basics of making a map to me.
Feel free to make any changes you wish to this map as long as its for your own use and you don’t try to steal my work! If you do want to include it in a mod or something then just ask before you do it.
Feel free to contact me at: adamrxxx AT hotmail DOT com

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