This 2v2 map is based on the map Sidewinder from Halo. It features two players fighting over several key areas with the other two players pr...


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This 2v2 map is based on the map Sidewinder from Halo. It features two players fighting over several key areas with the other two players providing support. Each player starts with an Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter turret.

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This map is Winter Assault Only. If you do not have 
Winter Assault, you will not be able to use this map.
This is the readme for Sidewinder 4p. It contains 
information, background for the map, installation 
instructions, Acknowledgments and how to contact me.

This map is, as I'm sure you know, based on the Halo map,
Sidewinder. It's a 4p map designed for 2v2 matches. 
Players 2 and 3 ared positioned so that they fight over
a strategic point, relic and Critical location. Players 
1 and 4 are supposed to be backup for their allies, 
players 2 and 3 respectively. Each player starts off with 
an Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter turret, because we all know 
how troublesome those early-game rushes can be.

After a perilous jorney through the warp without the 
aid of a navigator, a regiment of the imperial guard 
crashed on and ice world. With a little investigation, 
they found it was called Sidewinder. Soon after their 
arrival, they were assailed by strange beings clad in 
red and blue armour. They seemed to attack each other 
more then the Guardsmen themselves, but there eventaully 
came a time where one of the sides lost. The so called 
'red team' attacked the guardsmen. For every being 
they felled, two more appeared from nowhere. Not even 
the mighty space marines could best these beings.

Installation Instructions
Just drop the WXP folder into your Dawn of war 
Dircectory. Everything will go where it needs to be.
The default is C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\

Thank you to Rayden from Relic Forums for making Gates of
Ultramar. The ice decals came from his map (I think :S )
Also thanks to Bungie, the company who created Halo: Combat 
Evolved. Without them coming up with such a great game,
I would never have made this map. Also thanks to Relic, GWI
and THQ for making Dawn of war and all the stuff in it.
Finally, a thanks to Judge Sin from relicforums, as I
Probably wouldn't have finished it without him bothering me
about it.

Contact me
Not sure why you'd want to contact me, but if you do, 
go ahead.
Xfire: marneus90
MSN: dbrendish at hotmail dot com
g-mail: marneus90 at gmail dot com

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