Sinking into the Depths



This 2v2 map takes place on the planet Talassar, where the Chaos and Imperium vie over a chaos relic. It uses many custom decals and may run a bit laggy on lower-end machines. The author suggests playing 1v1 with two teams turned off if you experience performance issues.



The Fluff:
G4179. A rock off the coast of Glaudor on planet Talassar in the Ultramar system. Contact with Talassar has been cut off for the past 48 hours. Upon arrival on the surface it appears the entire planet has been destroyed. The sour smell of death fills the air. No signs of life had been sighted until the company reached G4179 and the source of the carnage was discovered. A powerful chaos relic has fallen here and is slowly pulling this world into the Warp. But the Imperium are not the only ones to know if its' presence. Chaos has landed as well and wants the power of the relic for themselves. It seems neither side knows exactly what has happened here, but one thing is certain. Something has gone horribly wrong.

Sinking into The Depths is a 512x1024, 4-player (2v2) map for Dawn of War: Winter Assault. It has a lot of decals and even more objects. A good amount of lag is to be expected so if you are running a low end or average PC, play as 1v1 with two teams turned off. Otherwise, crross your fingers.

To install: 
Place all the objects in directory
THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Data\scenarios\MP
Then install hangar-8's decals pack in the enclosed .zip
You will also need to have Community Mappack IV for some of the decals.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Relic for developing the Mod Tools, Hangar-8 for the awesome broken glass decals and thunder scar and EtherDragn for the dead world decals from the Community Mappack IV.

Terms of Use: 
As I have used others' decals in this map DO NOT redistribute it without first contacting me at plague dot chris at gmail dot com.


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