Snow Forts

A general two player map, situated in the snow with some nice map design (canyons etc).



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A general two player map, situated in the snow with some nice map design (canyons etc).


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Snow Forts - 2 Player map for WA

It's a snowball fight, Warhammer style!!! Two players start off at oppostite ends
of a rather cramped battlefield, up on plateus. There is a single route to the 
base atop each plateu, and it's by going down into the negative cover and up the
other side. However, the enemy base is likely guarded by a pair of turrets atop
listening posts, which effectively ward off most attacks, so be ready to charge
the enemy again and again! This is hopefully the first of a series of similar
maps I will create, so watch for a mappack in the near future!

INSTALLATION: All files go to the WXP/data/scenarios/MP located in your
Dawn of War directory.

This map is the sole property of George Kaffl AKA Ethiir. It may be
redistributed, but I must be notified at georgekafflATyahooDOTcom, and
I must be given proper credit via Readme.

This map Created by Ethiir for the game Dawn of War: Winter Assault, created
by Relic entertainment and Games Workshop. This map is in no way endorsed
by either Relic or Games Workshop.


For Version 2 there have been some changes (ie sky, fog, gameplay) which the
nit-picky which denied my last attempt as a finished product will pick up on.
The gameplay itself is hardly affected by these changes though.

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