Space Hulk II



Teleport into the dark and claustraphobic halls of Space Hulk, the mod thats gives you all-new gameplay in a sinister new environment. Take control of a kill-team of Terminators and clear ancient spacecraft of Genestealers, Warp Horrors and other evils now!



This Dawn of War Modification requires the expansion pack Winter Assault. Many Objects, textures and coding from Winter Assault have been incorporated into this Mod and it will not work in anyway with out it.

Also this Modification has a stand alone launch program that runs on the .NET frame work. If required, it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website - 


While not necessary to play the mod, it will hold many more player control features – not assessable from inside the Dawn of War Engine.


Well it has been a long road, but here we are. In Feb 2005, I played Scarcow's beta release of what would become Space Hulk 1st Edition. It proved that the Dawn of War engine was more flexible than first thought and that almost anything was possible. Although their were many quarks in 1st edition, it was (for me) amazing to see my favorite table top explode into life. 

With the ground broken with 1st edition, I had my sites sharply fixed on a version without the visual hang ups and better movement. Larger more detailed maps, unique missions and not just 1 mission per map. But to have universal mission types for each map. I all so wanted the user to be able to save their mission, view their replays and play Coop online. But most of all I wanted finish the “Descent to Purgatorum Campaign”. A 12 mission single player campaign, about a Ultramarine terminator squad, against all odds, trying to stop the forces of chaos from getting a powerful relic.

But I managed to go one better, the Mission Win Condition. Which allows a map specific mission to be played from 1 Win type. Which in short means you can play the Campaign in skirmish and yes even in Coop.

Blips, Jams, Limited Assault Canon Ammo and reloads. All these features available to be played in single player or online with friends in coop. 

People, have come and gone over the last 17 months and while I may be the last man standing - The final result is the work of many! Who have helped without the need for thanks or money. They did it just to help and to be apart of something unique and new. These people deserve a mention for their invaluable help. 

Credit goes to: 

BrCerabus (Tyson Cierpial) 
monoRAIL (Conor O'Kane) 
Mudflap () 
Orbital Gun () 
Ranzarok () 
ScarCow (Roland Gyarmati) 
Tave (Marc Jeffrey) 

Special thanks: 
Skills, FinalDeath and Argonought from the Relic forum. 
Deggy (Chris Degnan) 
Totmacher (Goerge Hornmoen) from Relic for their valuable help.

With that said here's a quick run down of the New Space Hulk II features: 

1)Motion Sensor (Blips) 
2)Weapon Malfunctions (Jams) 
3)Limited Assault Canon ammo 
4)Assault Canon reloads 
5)12 mission Campaign 
6)Over 20 Actual Space Hulk Maps 
7)4 Mission Win conditions 
8)New Ultramarine Terminator skins 
9)All weapons have been reworked from the ground up 
10)New abilities unique to space hulk 
11)Totally different real time experience 

Practically a whole other game. Now it is hard to imagine how much work has gone into this and though I would like to release it – absolutely perfect. Its not going to be, because there is only me to finish it off. I have no doubt missed something, so be kind and post “nicely” the problem so I can look at fixing it. Or better still post the issue over on our forum in the Technical Support section.

And now, after almost 1 & 1/2 years! The full version – Space Hulk 2 : Descent to Purgatorum v1.0.1

Heres a quick patch for those that haev v0.9 - Space Hulk 2 Patch 1.0.1

Patch fix's

-A fatel error in missions 10 & 12
-Assault Canon Reloads UI
-Incendiary Grenades UI

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