Space Hulk Mod



Hi guys! Space Hulk Coop is a Modification of the RTS game Dawn of War. Coop is by no means a multi-player only style of game, but a more fast and furious style. The only things that differs from the “Coming Soon” Single Player edition is Weapon Jams and Blip markers. Space Hulk is all about Strategy and a players ability to work out the odds! In Single Player e.g. is the corridor long enough for me to clear a jam if I get one. Coop is similar e.g. is this corridor long enough for me to kill the next on coming horde. Which is harder, humm… I would say that they are about the same - the main difference is in Coop you tend to go down faster if you loose some Terminators. This is why it is called Coop, the game design was created to handle 2/3 squads of terminators versa 2 possible AI enemies Chaos Warp Spawns or of course Genestealers. You can put in some AI Terminator squads if you need the help, I built the squads on top of the normal Dawn of War AI. So they will move around and engage the enemy while you complete the mission. I would recommend playing online as well, the code has been setup so that allied squads can complete the mission objectives as well.

This new Version of Space Hulk Coop : version 0.8 has some new features in it. One is of course some new maps. More cooler than that is the new Retrieve Relic Mission Type. There is a relic on the map naturally and you have to get it, once a terminator grabs it he becomes the relic holder. Then you must protect the relic holder and get him to the designated exit. If the Relic holder is killed then the enemy gets the relic and you fail the mission. The real catch is that the exit point is random. It might not be in the same place next time you play, hehe! And Cooler than that, I have added a new kill team – Enter the Necrons! Now, they looked why to cool not to have them in their. Don’t panic Necrons fans, I didn’t do a dodge job! They have their own UI and their own unique abilities. Terminator’s are more robust (as you would expect), but the Necrons have strong abilities that makes up for strength. I would be interested to hear from any Necron fans about them. I haven’t done an AI for the Necrons so you would be on your own with that one. I have also done a Necron ship interior to complete the Necron Feel.



Looking forward to any feed back that people have or some good ideas for a new Kill Team.

Installation is easy :) - Just unpak the Installer out of the rar file and run it!

Spacial thanks to the Tyranids Mod team for their use of the Genestealers!!!

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