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Battle Brothers, it's time to ride into war in style! Space Marine bikes finally hit Dawn of War: Winter Assault! With numerous upgrades...


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Battle Brothers, it's time to ride into war in style! Space Marine bikes finally hit Dawn of War: Winter Assault! With numerous upgrades and hidden secrets, this mod is the one you've been waiting for! Courtesy of Mudflap, Zany_Reaper and Bennyball. Download now!

For modders, as long as you give credit, you can use the bike files for your own mod as well. Just remember the three responsible for getting you this mod!

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Easy Rider Mod V0.01
by Mudflap, Zany_Reaper, and Bennyball

Get ready to fire all your guns at once and explode into space.  The Easy Rider minimod is here.
This minimod adds bikes to your Space Marine Army.  This mod only works in Winter Assault. 

Mod Installation:

To install the mod, unzip the files into your Dawn of War folder.

The files will unzip into a folder called "Easy_Rider_Mod"
All the files, except the one needed to start the mod and this readme, will unzip into this folder and have been
designed not to affect your core W40K or WXP files.

After you unzip the mod, start Winter Assault and select "Easy Rider Mod" from the Game Manager. 

This will start the mod.

Go to the Army Painter and select the teamcolor and badge for your Bikes. Then go to skirmish mode and start a skirmish.  Play a Space Marine army.

The Space Marine Bikes can be spawned from the Machine Cult only.

Once they are on the battlefield they are armed with twin-linked bolters for ranged combat and chainswords for close combat, 
you can upgrade them with the following weapons:
1) Heavy Bolter Sidecar
2) Multi-Melta Sidecar
3) Plasma Gun
4) Bolt Pistol
5) Smoke Launchers are enabled (and appear on the sidecar when Smoke Launchers are researched at the Machine Cult)
6) Frag Grenades when they are researched at the Chapel Barracks
7) Melta Bombs when they are researched at the Chapel Barracks 

The squad can also be upgraded with a Sergeant Bike.  The Sergeant can be upgraded as follows by researches at the Armory:
1) Power Sword
2) Power Fist

The Bikes have a special ability called "Burnout".  This works just like the Librarian ability "Smite".

Since this is the Easy Rider mod, the Bikes are also equipped with a radio so they can play road music (Born to be Wild of course) 
(This works best if the game music is turned down).  Just paste any .fda file into the 
Dawn of War\Easy_Rider_Mod\Data\Sound\speech\races\space_marines\bike\ability\radio folder and it will be part of 
the random selection of songs that play when the "Channel the Ancient Soul of the Motorbike Machine Spirit" is activated. 
.fda files can be created using the AudioEditor.exe in the Modtools.

Have fun.

The contents of this mod (with the exception of the copyrighted samples) can be used by others for any non-commercial purpose with the caveat that appropriate credit be given to 
Mudflap, Zany_Reaper, and Bennyball.

This mod is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop, THQ, or Relic.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post to the group below:

[email protected]


Bike Model:  Bennyball 
Bike Sidecar, tires, Heavy Bolter, and Multi-Melta Models, Revving sounds:  Zany_Reaper
Multi-Melta FX: Palii
All Else:  Mudflap

The Dawn of War theme is Mudflap's cover of the original DOW game music using simsynths.


Born to Be Wild Samples:© MCA Music (BMI)
All rights for the USA controlled and administered by
MCA Corporation of America, INC, Copyright 1967-2006, John Kay & Steppenwolf. All rights reserved.

Low Rider Samples:© United Artists Records, Copyright 1975, War,

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