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This mod refields all the units from Rhino...


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MODDERS, download the luas at

This mod refields all the units from Rhinoz Mod v2 (see below), and adds Landspeeder variants. WARNING ! This mod is NOT balanced ! It is not meant for competitive play ! It is destined to modders who might want to add units to their mod. It is not THAT unabalanced, though, so can still have fun by just playing it. Warning #2 : there are some small errors in the ReadMe, and a couple of graphical glitches in the mod. Nothing serious, though. Credits : Many thanks to Goldo_O who modeled the Landspeeder, and to Thudmeizer who took the time to build an AI just for this mod. May they both be praised. Description :

DoW's Landspeeder hasn't got anything to do with WH40K's basic Landspeeder. Actually, it represents a unique Landspeeder : the one belonging to the Grand Master of the Ravenwing. This mod allows you to field closer to Codex landspeeders.

The Rhino now has the possibility to be upgraded with a Storm Bolter for combat against infantry, and reinforced against damage (giving it a damage resistance a little above the landspeeder).

The Razorback is a light support tank whose main role is to transport troops and deliver them in the middle of the fight. It can transport single man units (characters), scouts or Space Marines squads (available at the marines barracks) It has twin heavy bolters, efficient against infantry, that can be upgraded to lascannons or a Multi Melta(at tech level 3) It is not as resilient as the Predator and cannot sustain prolonged heavy fighting, but is cheap and quick to produce.

The Vindicator is a heavy assault cannon (available at tech level 3). It has a big gun, very effective against buildings and vehicles. It is not very resistant to damage, though.

Tornado Landspeeder : armed with a heavy bolter. The heavy bolter can be upgraded to multi-melta. An assault cannon or a heavy flamer can be added.

Typhoon Landspeeder : armed with a heavy bolter and a missile launcher. It can fire a devastating missile volley. It cannot fire for several seconds after that, however.

Damocles command tank The Damocles command tank holds ultra powerful sensors that give precious data on the battlefield conditions. It detects enemy units at a much greater range tban any other Space Marine unit, even those enemy who try to infiltrate the Marines' positions. It maintains a link with nearby tanks, giving them coordinate data allowing for an increase in precision and damage. It also sends static that blurs the enemy's machines' spirits and lower their damage to Marines tanks around the Damocles. Last, but not least, at tier 3, the Damocles can start a cartography protocol, its sensors revealing a huge portion of the battlefield for a limited time. This allows to see where the enemy units are, but also to deepstrike units very far into the enemy lines. Be warned, though : this tank is extremey fragile !

Deathwind support Drop Pod. It is much like a classical turret, but it can deep strike via Drop Pods on any visible spot on the map. They are available at the Orbital Relay. They have the same cost as classical turrets, but occupy 2 slots in support capacity.

To build new units : the servitor now has one more construction option. Click on it after tier2 and you can build a new Adeptus mechanicus building, where the new units will be available (except the Deathwind turret, available at the Orbital Relay).

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Download 'sma_uk.rar' (13.38MB)

Space Marines Armoury 2.1 by Compiler
Compiler can be contacted via the following e-mail :

I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Goldo_O, who modeled the land speeder !


Delete or uninstall any previous versions of the Rhinoz mod.
luas folder : this is only for modders. If you're a modder, you know what to do with this, if you are not a modder, simply delete them.
Rhinoz_Mod folder, Rhinoz_Mod_14.module file, Rhinoz_Mod_WA.module file : put these into your Dawn of War folder.
Rhinoz READ ME NOW !!!!.txt : the text you are reading, and better read to the bottom.

Then open DoW 1.4 or WA, go to the game selector (or mod manager or whatever it is called in english) and select "Rhinoz".


These files were made up painstakingly on many a sleepless night. 
As such, their author expects from the users due respect and credit.
They are based on Relic's and GW Intellectual Property, which adds further limitations.

Therefore, you cannot, in any event :
- make money in whatever way with these files
- claim them as your own production, even after modifications
- separate the present Read Me from the files it is distributed with.

You can study these files for improving your understanding of Dawn of War modding without contacting the author.

You can use these files to make a private mod without contacting the author.

You can use these files in a public mod, under the following conditions :
- you get the author's authorisation
- you give proper credit
- they don't represent the majority of your mod


What is considered "modifications" to these files ?
Well, if you change them beyond recognition, you'll have added enough hard work to them to claim the new files as your own.
But if you just renamed them and fiddled with a some parameters' values, then this is considered a simple modification.

What is a private mod ?
It's a mod that will stay on your computer and never be released outside your own gaming group, in the strictest sense of the term.
You must inform the group members of the condition of use of this mod.
A public mod is a mod that will be released outside your own gaming group.

What does "the majority of your mod" means ?
Well, it just means that you must at least put as much work into your mod as these files represent.

What is "giving proper credit" ?
This is represented at least by 
- indicating in your front page that your mod is based, even partially on this one
- inserting the following text in your mod's Read Me, in the "credits" part :
"This mod was partially based Rhinoz mod by Compiler.
The Rhinoz Mod allows Space Marines players to add several several vehicles to their Dawn of War game :
- Assault Rhino armoured transport with Rampage and Frag Defenders abilities
- Razorback Armoured transport, with twin heavy bolters updatable to twin lascannon or Multi Melta
- Vindicator Assault Gun
- Damocles ECM/ECCM tank with sensormap ability
- Landspeeder variants
These luas were used with permission from Compiler
This mod is available here :

Further mentions can be discussed with or demanded by the author when he gives his authorisation.

Legal Stuff : 

This Mod is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, nor by Relic or THQ.

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