St. Huldrych Causeway

This is an update of the older version. It contains several fixes, such as for custom decals and the minimap. This map features two...


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This is an update of the older version. It contains several fixes, such as for custom decals and the minimap.

This map features two long parallel bridges spanning two land areas, with a small island in between. At the island and at two other places on the bridge are places where you can switch from one bridge to the other--with some caveats..

The base areas are accessible only toward the rear of the land areas (excepting special abilities by teleporting, flying, and deep-strike units), requiring long travel between opposing bases. It means your base has an extra advantage on defense, but it also means you can really overextend yourself if you're not careful. Make use of control areas offered by relics, strategic points, and slag deposits to reinforce your lines quicker.

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A Multiplayer/Skirmish Map for WH40K: Winter Assault

by vol_907 (1. July 2006)

This updated version of my map corrects a few glitches from the old version, namely, adding a few custom decals that everyone might not have, and polishing the minimap.


The dry wastes of Meribah caused some in the 907th to look longingly back at their last tour, on a world where water was in no short supply, and didn't need to be sucked out of rock.

Many of the vets well remember the battle fought on the St. Huldrych Causeway on Marinus, a long bridge joining two of the water world's smaller "land masses."  A full Ork Waaaugh, stiffened by Traitor allies, managed to establish a beachhead on the northern Isle.  The bridge gates held fast, thanks to the quick thinking of the local Civil Defense Authority.  But it would only be a matter of time before they broke through.

The gates on the southern island were opened briefly to release two contingents of Guardsmen--the 907th Alyeskan, and their sister regiment, the 615th Knox, with a newly formed Space Marine chapter bringing up the rear.  Then the gates were closed, turning the entire causeway into a gladiatorial arena, the winner determining the fate of the region...

Strange how the soggy uniforms from the ever-present rains would have been quite welcome now.


This map is for six players. Originally envisioned for 2 teams of 3, it is suitable for all game types, including Free For All.

Simply unzip the contents into your THQ folder (That's right, your THQ folder, not DoW).  .sgbs, .dds's and .tgas should fall into their respective places.

Took about 35 hours, using the Mission Editor and lots of use of GIMP 2.2 for the height map, load screen, and custom decals.

Speaking of which, the University of Tennessee logo and that of the Deutscher Fussballbund are the property of their respective owners.  The author has no official connections with UT (other than being an alumnus) nor the DFB (other than being a big fan of the German Team during World Cup season).

Feel free to build upon this map, or use elements from it for your own.  I only ask you give credit where it is due.

Thanks to the regulars at DOWFiles and Relicforums for feedback on this map, especially Hands_of_Fate (who corrected the minimap).  Thanks to Rayden for his work on Gates of Ultramar, whose decals this map uses for its roadwork.

Further questions and comments can be directed to [email protected]

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