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Within the mighty Imperium there are elite imperial guard units like the Death Korps, Steel Legion, Gaunts Ghosts, and a few others but the...


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Within the mighty Imperium there are elite imperial guard units like the Death Korps, Steel Legion, Gaunts Ghosts, and a few others but the most elite of them all are the three Terran Crusader Regiments stationed on holy terra itself. Each Regiment takes a tour of duty guarding the Imperial Palace and the living god himself. Unlike other units which are manned by soldiers from one planet, the Crusader Regiments are manned by the finest of humanity. Catachan Scouts lead the regiment, giant space marine sized soldiers from the heavy gravity world of Ragith III man the special weapon squads, and many other elite soldiers make up the infantry squads of the Regiment. Deployed off world only in the most dire situations, can you command the elite of the Imperial Guard.

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Terraigmod: Dawn of War winter assault mod
by erholmes
contact: erholmes at cableone dot net

Legal:  This mod is based on Dawn of war and is the property of their respective owners.
This mod may be used in whole or part by anyone.  It may be copied onto other media and
may be placed on websites as long as it is free.

If you do not like mods without new models do not read any further and do not download.

Mod changes

Squad cap increased to 60
support cap increased to 40

Listening Posts
hp increased

cost reduced
sight range increased
heavy bolter range increased
missile reload time reduces
hit points increased

cost and build time reduced
explode 30 times
hitpoints increasehd

Infantry Command
squad cap increased from 6 to 10
hit points increased

Mechanized Command
support cap increased to 10

Command Squad
Captain hitpoints increased
added Kaskrin sergeant to squad
increased leaders(you can now have psyker, priest, commissar, and 4 sergeants[bodyguards])

added colonel braun

added penal detachment
cost 1 squad cap
limited range and damage
commissar leader
can not capture
Best used to man buildings or throw in close combat while other units attack at range

added Catachan scouts
cost 1 squad cap
5 man squad
can inflitrate
can sabotage/demo charge(like skull probe)(also caused massive damage to building or vehicle)
Has spotter scope (assassinate)
grenade launcher weapon upgrades

added Special weapon squads (marine scout model)
cost 2 squad cap
6 man squad
Has spotter scope (assassinate)
3 weapon upgrades
sniper rifle
melta guns (plasma gun model- increased damage and building and vehicle armor piercing)
3 second rechage
inaccurate while moving
sergeant leader

added Guardian Infantry Support Tank (NPC Lemun Russ Model)
limited to 2 (limits guardian rush)
battlecannon limited range and damage
excellent against infantry
2500 hitpoints
med vehicle armor
faster than standard Lemun Russ

support cap cost lowered to 1
added flamer and autocannon
start with autocannon, first upgrade gives you flamer, second upgrade gives you multi-laser
cost 100/100
hitpoints lowered to 1000

Rally added to all sergeants

Kaskrin limited to 4

Ogryn limited to 4
added Ogryn Fury ability to Ogryn(chaos ability) gives them a chance against berserkers

removed relic requirement from baneblade also you can build 2

assassin you can now have 2

more units added to army painter

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