The Symmetry Collection

"The Symmetry Collection:

A collection or mappack of balanced symmetrical barebone 8 Player maps for betatesting balance mods and...


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"The Symmetry Collection:

A collection or mappack of balanced symmetrical barebone 8 Player maps for betatesting balance mods and other mods -- balanced maps where the maps don't get in the way of observing the AI performance or observing the true balance of the factions. I went looking for such maps to use for testing balance mods, and I couldn't find any. So, I made some. Some are public domain, and some are copyright, and you can find that out in the detailed readmes that comes with the download. We don't need to go into all that here now. These maps are tools for betatesting mods and not made to win awards or adulation. As long as you are aware of that fact and can use them for what they were made for, I believe that they fill an empty niche, or at least they did for me.

8P Naked Symmetry is still my favorite map of all time for testing balance mods and for testing the balance of ordinary mods, and there's nothing there but a nice symmetrical balanced collection of strategic points, objective points, relics, and slag deposits. I still can't get over the great gameplay it produces. The AI loves it, and it's naked, there's nothing there.

Well, thats from the shorter ReadMe, and overall, this map pack seems quite good. All 8 player maps, all pretty basic, which leaves for long, strong open conflict.

- Ash

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The Symmetry Collection:

For betatesting purposes, I went looking for some large balanced barebones symmetrical 8 player maps, that would load quickly, and I couldn't find any.  I wanted something that loaded quickly and played balanced and fair for mod development and balance mod testing, and I had to make some to get what I was looking for. 


A bunch of large 8 player balanced maps for AI vs AI testing.

Some of these maps have low resource points and no scenery, just perfect for testing the balance of the AI or for doing a quicky and dirty test of the AI to see if all is going well.

Some of these maps have chokepoints and huge resources, and can result in long 3 hour games if you play them as a human in the mix.  Others should produce reasonably short games in AI vs AI tests, but they are 8 player maps.

All of these maps are symmetrical and balanced in design.  No AI faction should be overly helped or hindered by the map itself.  Balanced gameplay is some of the best gameplay, whether you are playing as a human in the mix or just doing AI vs AI tests for your balancing or improving your mod.

The Purpose:  I thought I'd make some maps that catered to the needs of the Dark Crusade and Dawn of War betatester, for once.  But, don't expect them to be featured maps or to win any contests -- they weren't made for that purpose.  Some of them are bare or empty on purpose, meant to be that way, for quick and easy betatesting of mods and stuff only.


For Dark Crusade, copy the files into:

C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\W40k\Data\scenarios\MP

Done, and ready to go.


For contact information regarding these maps, you can leave a Personal Message to:



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