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Torture because if you hate turrets and listening posts you will really hate them now.


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Torture because if you hate turrets and listening posts you will really hate them now.

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Torture_Mod  version .5
Torture because if you hate turrets and listening posts you will really hate them now.
Dawn of War Winter Assault
By erholmes

Legal: All aspects of this mod are based on Dawn of War and all rights are the
property of their respective owners.  This mod may be used in whole or part. It
may be placed on other media ie. cd or downloadable from any site.  It is free
to be used in any form.  I only ask that I am given credit where it is due.

If you like to turtle then you will like this mod
If you do not like mods without new models then dont download this one!

Mod Changes.
All Races.

Listening Posts
sight increased
weapon range increased
damage increased
accuracy increased
armor increased
hitpoints increased

sight increased
weapon range increased
damage adjusted up and down to a equal level
accuracy increased
armor increased
missile reload time reduced

Mine fields
Hit points increased
30 explosions per field
can be repaired

all increased to 6

Special Units: Land Raider, Baneblade, Avatar, etc increased cap to 2.

Heavy Weapon ranges reduced. (Now you can not shoot a turret or listening post out
of its weapon range.)

Long range weapons In mod
Space Marine- whirlwind, Predator, Land Raider, Scout Sniper
Eldar- FirePrism Tank, Ranger
Ork- Looted Tank, Squiggoth
Chaos- Defiler, Predator
Guard- Basilisk, Baneblade, Lemin Russ, Assassin

Team Specific
Space Marines
Chaplian attachable
Force Commander no longer attachable, now you can attach another unit to him.
Land Speeder cost increased
Land Speeder Hit Points Reduced
Missile Launcher added to Land Speeder
Land Speeder now comes in squadron of 3
Smoke Launchers added to Dreadnoughts, Predator, and Land Raider
Rhino hitpoints increased
Rhino speed increased
Rhino sight range increased
Sergeant Added to Scouts
Scouts limited to 2 weapon upgrades
Scouts have no access to any bionics or accuracy upgrades
Space Marines upgrades decreased to 4
Smoke Launchers now free no research required
Level two bionics and accuracy upgrades added to armory
Scout given assassinate ability
Sniper rifle range increased

Imperial Guard
Sentinals cost decreased
Sentinals Hit Points Reduced
Support Cap Lowered too 1
added Flamer and Autocannon Upgrade to Sentinals 
added Smoke Launchers to Chimera,Hellhound, and Lemin Russ Tank
Command Squad upgraded to Commander, Commisar, Priest, Psyker, and 5 Kaskrin sergeants(bodyguards)
Kaskrin Sergeant added to Command Squad
Guard Commander hitpoints increased
Commisar cost increased
Priest cost increased
Some guard buildings hitpoints increased
All Guard Infantry ranged weapons have reduced range and damage
All Guard Infantry hit points reduced
Infantry Cap raised to 40 (any higher and I found it difficult to find room for addional infantry commands)
Support Cap raised to 25
Kaskrin upgrade limited to 7 not 9
Ogrin and Kaskrin limited to 4 each
Guardsman upgrades lowered to 2
Kaskrin upgrades lowered to 3
Assassin lowered to Tier 2
Assassin squad cap raised too 2
Assassin weapon damage reduced
Assassin reload time reduced
Assassin movement speed increased
Assassinate Ability length increased
Assassinate recharge time reduced
Weapon Specialization, Guardsman Health Upgrade, Total War cost increased

Webway shroud now free
building healing field cost reduced
Vypers now in squadron of 3
Ranger Inflitration free
Fire Dragon weapon range increased
Fire Dragon Weapon Armor Piercing Modifiers Increased (Eldar now have Heavy Weapon Squad)
Guardian squads squad cap dropped to 1
Ranger squad given assassinate ability
long rifle range increased

Armored Nob reinforce increased to 6 but now has a cap of 2
Killa Kan Support Cap dropped to 2 but limited to 4 of them
Infantry Cap raised to 60
Population Cap raised to 125

Rhino hitpoints increased
Rhino speed increased
Rhino Sight increased
Marine Squad Upgrades increased to 4
Marine Squad members limited to 8 (same as space marines)
Access to Heavy Bolters, Missile Launchers, Plasma Guns, and Heavy Flamers
Raptor Squad upgrades increased to 3
Raptor squad members limited to 8 (same as space marines)
Level 1 and 2 Accuracy and Health Upgrades for Chaos Space Marines added to Armory

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